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    Hello. Thank you very much for your great contents about email marketing.
    Can you tell me best SMTP server for my email marketing start. I want to build a list for internet marketing niche. So then I send my invitation email by SMTP server. I thinking may be I use Amazon SMTP server or Office 365 server. Can you recommend me something for it?
    Also I’ll purchase new domain name for it. So then I can instantly send after made setup for bulk mailing through my new domain ? I’ll be send slowly increase my emails size. Initially 10 per day, then next day 20 emails like this. But I can send instantly after setup my bulk mailing system ? Or I need for some time ?
    Thank you!


    Hi friend, Amazon SES is fine.

    and no need to warmup with SES, yes if you choose outlook365 or Gsuite, you need to warm up your account as I explained on my channel.


    Which other servers don’t need warm up that you would recommend a part from Amazon SES? Thank You!


    Thank you very much for your advice! I want to become your student on Udemy!

    Thanks again!


    All SMTP Services like Sendgrid, SES, Sparkpost , Mailgun…. has autowarmup features, so no need to warmup.

    but you have to take care of bounces and complaints.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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