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    Hello Sir

    1. I have created a 10$ droplet on digital ocean. After that through putty connect Postal. In Postal, done all the configuration and DNS settings. Score 9.5/10 in mail-tester once.
    2. Completed WinSCP settings whereas I replace example.com with my domain.
    3. Created Mailwiz setup whereas I am able to send mails (mail goes in Spam).
    4. Now I am facing the following problem
    – I am unable to install SSL Certificate on digital ocean, I am unable to understand this process. I watched the videos but most of the videos are related to installing SSL certificates on wordpress website on digital ocean server.
    – I tried on my existing droplet – but error occurs – DNS record does not exist for this setup.

    I have following queries ?

    1. How to install an SSL Certificate ?
    2. Can I use the same droplet for postal setup and mailwizz setup too ? Is 10$ droplet is enough to send 10k-15k mails per day.
    3, Is there any process that needs to be done other than setting up an SSL Certificate before sending mails? I watched all your videos regarding SMTP Warm up and following them.

    I am thankful to you for all your videos. I am not from the technical background and therefore facing the problem and unable to spend money too right now. Please help me by answering all these questions.

    Also sir, my mailwizz status showing “E-mail delivery is temporarily disabled” while sending test – mails on templates tab. Can i fix it or I have to create the mailwizz once again.

    Thanks & Regards

    Nikhil Bohra

    Email ID : nikhilbohra99@gmail.com


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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