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    Hey, Hasan I have been Watching your Video from Quite a While now and over this period.

    I have also developed skills in Digital Marketing and Different Fields From You and From YouTube.

    But When I am Posting my Gigs on Freelancing sites, I am not getting much traffic or sales from it.

    I was planning to build a Different slot of Service Website Like You have Your Own.

    But I Can’t figure out how to post my services on website. Please Guide me.

    I have one more question, if I create a service Website and also have gigs on Freelancing Sites. Which one Should I must prefer my service?

    As, if I Directly promote my Fiverr gigs There might be some more good Offers Present on Fiverr From My Offer. But My Service  Website Stand Solely for me.

    But I can’t figure out how to create service Website. So, Please help me out.

    Thank you.

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    Hasan AboulHasan
    Site Admin
    Hi friend, I will create a full tutorial soon on how to build your own services site, this requires a full tutorial.

    about promoting, I do prefer promoting to your own website, if you have some reputation, but if you are still new, people may not trust your site.

    Hasan Aboul Hasan Founder & CEO at H-educate  Facebook icon  LinkedIn icon  Youtube icon  instagram icon
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