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    Dear Hasan, I am Kate again, just think I should create a new post for a new question.

    After my consideration, I finally decided to create my own SMTP server as I don’t want to do the settings in the future again.

    so, here is some question (I updated and summarized my questions in this post).

    1. is there any method to obtain more cold email? (As you have some case study to send 1M emails or 50k emails per day, or 5K emails per day, then where can I get those huge number of emails?)

    2. If I create my own server, I need to hire a VPS service, then can I also use that VPS for your super email validate software, or I need to hire one more VPS to setup a window to use the software ?

    3. if I send those huge number emails of the same content (let say 20k per day? ) , will I be banned ?
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    HI friend.

    1. the case study is not all about cold emails, 20% is cold, and the other is regular campaigns.

    you can collect emails using different online tools and services, or maybe buy data from some trusted data companies.

    2. Please watch the video tutiral here to learn about the validator:

    3. If you are not spamming, no you will not be banned.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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