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    I have watched your youtube video, and I bought Turbo Website Reviewer
    – In-depth SEO Analysis Tool
    can you help me? How can I edit or remove a specific part of this tool?

    in the screenshot, I highlighted the area that I want to remove

    I sent you Screenshot at your email. I am not able to upload the image here.

    like footer area, sign in/up section, recently listed website area
    and a few more settings that you have done on your website.
    Best Regards

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    Hasan AboulHasan
    Site Admin
    Hi Rana.

    I did a lot of changes manually to the application code. as I am a programmer in the first place, I opened the HTML files and edited them.

    anyway, you can contact the author and ask about anything you want, and they will point you where to edit.

    Hasan Aboul Hasan Founder & CEO at H-educate  Facebook icon  LinkedIn icon  Youtube icon  instagram icon
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