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    Hi my friend, first id like to congratulate you for your awsome work done on youtube. I will buy your Postal+Mautic course this week.

    Im really excited to start, and i have a question that is bouncing on my head. In contabo server example, you say that the second server option (10gb) is what you recommend to start, and id like your recommendation, my case is:

    1 – have a small facebook group starting to grow fast, but for this people i will send no more than 2 emails a day, total = 20.000 per day Maximum

    2 – I have a huge list 1.3m segmented emails scraped of my niche that id like to send cold emails giving some bait to click and become subscribers.

    Can i have both ideas on same smtp server? and what server size should i choose from contabo? May i buy one server just for Database?


    Sorry for taking your time, but i really want to engage with you and your courses and be sure it fits to my needs.

    Best Regards,



    Update: I bought the course 🙂


    I whish you the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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