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Does it pay off to advertise yourself by yourself for free? Of course it does.

Mahmoud meklad
New Member

It works. Have you tried following people on Pinterest? If you’re starting, you need to get your content known somehow, and just like Instagram, when you’re just starting with zero followers, you have to follow people regularly; it’s the fastest way to get noticed.

On the other hand, are you only using Pinterest? Why don’t you try branching out to other platforms?

  1. For starters, being active on social media is a great way to generate organic traffic, and it’s a great way to get to know your audience. Find and join social groups centered around your niche or products similar to yours. Engage other users, and focus on building rapport, providing value and assistance referring to your landing page within context.
  2. Second, I suggest creating a YouTube channel to publish tutorials. YouTube tutorials are another form of content, and they’re a great way to showcase your product and help people understand its usability. Don’t forget to verbally refer your viewers to your landing page and add links in your description.
  3. In addition to social media, Q&A websites such as Quora are a great source of organic traffic. You can search for questions about products similar to yours or questions about problems that your product can solve. Try to answer people’s questions genuinely, providing value and guidance referring to your landing page every 4 or 5 answers. You can also create your own space or be a contributor in as many spaces as you can. There, you can paste your articles or snippets of them, making featured images using Canva to make them look appealing.
  4. You can always pay to advertise your content. Almost all social media and Q&A platforms offer the option of paid advertising. I personally recommend using Quora ads as they target particular people.
  5. Using your email list, you can launch an email marketing campaign. There are plenty of email marketing services such as Sendinblue, Getresponse, Mailwiz, Mailchimp, and so on. Note that email marketing campaigns are fairly expensive, but they’re highly effective.
Topic starter Posted : 31/08/2021 7:48 pm
Muhammad aown
Prominent Member

Brother it's simple, free ways are the ways which will be way more worth than ads but at the same time it will take time as well as huge amount of efforts from us however ads are a kind of investment.

Posted : 10/09/2021 10:17 am
Trusted Member

Hello brother, even you can show in your tutorials your social media platforms and blogs, promoting them indirectly

Posted : 16/09/2021 4:56 am