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Got some error whil...
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Got some error while in the Apache2 part.

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Thank you @Hassan for all of the youtube videos you share. 


I was following your video on making a website using php script and all was going fine until I tried to access the sitemap of my website, it showed 'Page could not be found'. Then I followed your instruction and did same as step No.07 from your article : . (fixing the apache2 files. But now when I try to reach the main page it shows some errors in code. I am not a developer and have no coding background so it's very hard for me to understand what's wrong. Kindly help me to fix this. I have also attached the screenshot for ease of understanding.

Btw, I used All in One Video downloader script from code canon.


Thank you in Advance,

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2



Topic starter Posted : 11/05/2021 5:02 am