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LOCALHOST: A Must-Know Item For WordPress Developers

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If you're a wordpress developer, here's a must-know item for you. And the thing is LOCALHOST.

What is localhost?

Localhost is a way to set up a website on your computer, so you can access it as if it were online. There's no need to purchase a domain name or web hosting for setting up a localhost site. How does that sound?

Why Localhost?

  • Learn wordpress without wasting money on domain names and hosting.
  • You only need to buy hosting and domain after completing the basic website works, thereby saving time on hosting and domain validity.
    (you can migrate your site to live hosting by simply using any migrating plugins)
  • Even after going your site live, you can test major wordpress, theme, or plugin updates on your local website before on the live site and ensure that update didn't break anything on your website.


How to set up Localhost?

For setting localhost on your computer, you can follow this video or search on google for 'bitnami wordpress.'
There are other methods, but I found this easier, and it is entirely free.

Watch Tutorial

Don't worry; this is not my channel or video. I found this more straightforward to the topic.

Note: Please don't go for any free web hosting services to build your website. They all have resource limits, and if you go beyond that at any stage, your website will get suspended or forced to buy their plans for continued use. Most of the time, It is not worth the price.


So what do you think? Is this topic was helpful for you? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you Love Kiss  

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This topic was really helpful, thanks for sharing!

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