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Cant find dkim.pem file in Virtualmin

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Hi there friends,

I am watching the course "Install & Configure Your SMTP PowerMTA Server + IP Rotation" I didn't use AWS EC2 instances. I used OVH centos and installed virtualmin.

I am stuck on "set dkim."

Hassan says to run a command in putty: "find / -name dkim.pem" but nothing is showing. It seems I dont have this file. Strangly when I was searching in file /etc/

I can see opendkim and when I looked in the "key" folder that is empty.

What command can I use to find this?

What can I do please help

Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2021 3:01 pm
Hasan AboulHasan
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Hi friend, did you open the question in the course?

anyway, its ok if its not showing, this is only to check if exists before running the other commands

Posted : 08/03/2021 12:30 pm