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Email marketing is a really powerful tool for your business associate. It completely relies on the validity of the email database that you have. That’s why you need to verify email actual status.

Verifying the existence of the email addresses in your list is one of the most important tasks for the effective email marketing process. It helps to manage an efficient marketing campaign and saves you from paying extra charges for the bulk email service.

Free Bulk Email verifier helps you to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent email addresses. So, if you have thousands of emails in your list, email verification tools will get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability.


Easy Import/Export

You can import mailing lists from any text file, and the application will manage it automatically. Also, you can export your results to CSV in one click.

Deep Validation

Syntax check

Domain check

Email address check


With Version 2, you can now run the application with multiple threads to get better performance when validating large Lists.

Why is Email Verification Important?

Most Websites have their optin forms which visitors need to fill in. During this fill up processes, users may, intentionally and evidently, enter wrong email addresses. By accepting them, your email list will be filled up with inaccurate and undeliverable email addresses.

If you send email to such addresses, Your Bounce Rate will be higher, and this will negatively affect your mail server reputation. A poor reputation of your mail server IP address will result in blacklisting by popular email services.

By verifying email lists and checking to deliver reports, you improve a lot of options:

  • Open Rates
  • Bounce Rates
  • Click-through Rates
  • Conversion Rates

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