Free YouTube Tools To Grow Your YouTube Channel!

Free YouTube Tools

60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. Wow!
This makes the competition very high! But what if you could succeed in this amazing platform despite this high competition? Well, in this article, we are going to present 6 free YouTube tools that can boost your channel growth and provide you with new subscribers every day.

Of course, we are not here talking about buying subscribers to grow your channel. If you are already doing this, please stop it. This is totally wrong.

Instead, let's start looking to really grow your channel.

Don't know where to start? Here are the 6 Free YouTube Tools that will help you grow your YouTube channel Today. 

6 Free YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel

You can get access to this tool through their website helps you understand and analyze each of your videos and helps you create videos to grow and rank on YouTube. We have mainly two services in this application. 

The first one is the analytics, you can see in-depth analytics, and it will show your videos and your channel in a different way than traditional analytics.

With you can understand what kind of videos to create next, how to rank, how to promote and how to grow your channel in a different way.

MORNINGFA.ME logo, a tool to grow your channel

Another free YouTube tool uses to grow your channel also has a keyword tool that helps you plan for your next videos by searching for topics or selecting a video of yours to emulate (or create similar videos of) to grow.

You can select a video from YouTube, and it will give you the best tags and titles to rank. 

This free tool will aid you in growing your YouTube channel. By the way, is “invite-only,” so if you want to check it out, you'll need this invite link. You can freely access almost everything in this tool to grow on YouTube.


This is one of the best applications I use to help me rank my YouTube videos better and earn me more money.

H-Supertools' SEO tools and YouTube keyword tool help you with mainly two things:

  1. Content research, you get and search for content ideas for your videos.
  2. Helps you rank on top of YouTube by getting the best keywords. 
H-supertools free youtube tool

For example, if you search for email marketing, it will show you around 247 topics or keyword ideas about it.

You can search for whatever you want and what’s nice is that it will give you monthly volume and difficulty for each keyword.

So you can select a keyword with high search volume and low difficulty to rank on YouTube. You can also use the SEO keyword research tool to get the CPC (Cost per Click).

So H-Supertools helps you earn more money with Google Adsense. Here's a screenshot from my analytics.

youtube analytics

You can see in revenue that my CPM is $54, so advertisers pay up to that much for every 1000 views in some cases.

It is very important to select the correct keywords with high CPC so you can increase your Adsense revenue.

So be sure to visit H-Supertools to help grow your channel. If you're interested in more free content on H-Educate, make sure to check out the blog as well.

Social Bluebook

Go now and sign up because what’s nice about this tool is that it will give you the value of your YouTube channel!

For example, if you want to sponsor a service or someone on your channel, with the help of Social Bluebook, you'll know what to charge.

Social Bluebook, free youtube tool

You can see that for my channel, the price is around $263 per upload and it can range up to $434 per upload in my case. You can add your own channel and see your suggested value of uploading a video and advertising someone on your channel. 

It is very important in case you want to sponsor someone and earn more money on YouTube. free youtube tool

One of the best tools to create YouTube thumbnails, YouTube channel arts, and any banners.

Canva has a big library of templates that you can choose from and edit how you want. 

Canva has a lot of features, tools, effects, photos, libraries templates to help you create an awesome YouTube thumbnail and you can start for free.

If you want to get more templates, more elements, more images, some more effects, you can go with the paid version which is like $11 per month.

It's a must have tool that makes creating images for your YouTube thumbnails and channel arts super easy. In fact, many of the images here are created with the help of Canva!


canva free youtube tool

Next up in the list of 6 free tools to grow on YouTube is TubeBuddy, it’s one of the best tools to grow your channel, analyze it and much more.

TubeBuddy has a feature to track your keywords, so if you provide your keywords, it will give a weekly report of the keyword rankings on YouTube.

Tubebuddy helps grow your video SEO.

Their A/B split test allows comparing different thumbnails and seeing which one is working better for future videos.

A/B split test demonstration through screenshot

It is an awesome tool and I highly recommend it to grow your channel.

Fontjoy simply helps you choose fonts if you want to create an awesome thumbnail. Clicking on “generate” will give you a combination of different fonts.

screenshot of Fontjoy home page

Check out a few fonts and if you like some of them, you can use them in your own thumbnails.

It will redirect you to Google Fonts where you can download the font family in order to use it in whatever software you create thumbnails with.


So these are 6 tools to grow your YouTube channel, I use them every day to grow my channel and make it look like the way it is now. My channel grew 123% more than when I started using all these tools together, so please check them out. 

If you found this helpful make sure to let us know in the comments below. Feel free to ask us anything!

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