Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube With Google Ads Campaign

If you have a new YouTube channel or any existing one and struggling to get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube, you are at the right place. There is no magic for this, but if you follow some basic guidelines, you can get your first thousand subscribers within 1-2 weeks or fast.

YouTube is the biggest platform in the world to showcase your talent. But for that, you need to have some followers or subscribers on your channel. Many people are good at making videos but still struggle with less number of YouTube subscribers.

Free YouTube Tools

In this real case study of attracting more than 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, I am going to show you how I did it with the Google Ads campaign. And you will still learn a lot of things even if you don't want to spend your bucks. 

Sounds exciting? Let's get started right away. 

How to Gain YouTube Subscribers Fast

There are three methods you can use to get YouTube subscribers fast:

  • Wait for subscribers to increase organically
  • Buy subscribers from third-parties
  • Go for paid ads to attract real people

Let's understand these methods in detail now. 

1. Wait for the Organic YouTube Growth

All you need is to upload videos and expect people will find you and subscribe. It takes a lot of time to rank your videos or channel organically on YouTube.

First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube: YouTube Stats in 2018

Organic traffic to your channel is awesome but not always available.

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2. Buy YouTube Subscribers

Many companies provide this service, but they don't bring targeted subscribers. They just subscribe to your channel randomly. Also, most of your subscribers will be bots rather than real people.

This will help you get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube fast but will damage your channel in the long run.

Buying subscribers can speed up the process but not always works out because of low-quality subscribers. There is a high chance for your YouTube Video to get removed or your account to be banned. 

3. Run YouTube Ads Campaigns

It's the most effective method for getting subscribers within a very short time, but you have to pay for it. This method is fast and will help you boost up your subscriber list in no time. And today, I'm going to talk about this in detail. So, let's start.

Case Study: How I Got 1159 Subscribers for $300 and 5700 Subscribers for $990

Earlier, I ran a Google Ads campaign and got 199 subscribers for a whopping amount of $250. That's more than $1 per subscriber! But then I was able to pull in 1159 subscribers for $300 and 5700 subscribers for $990.

Get 990 for 5700 subscribers: First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube

And that's $0.17 per subscriber. Awesome, right? What did I do to get such a massive improvement?

Well, it takes more effort to get 5x subscribers for the same amount of money. I'll tell you exactly what I did later in this post. But here's a quick preview:

  1. Go to Google Ads
  2. Start A “New Campaign”.
  3. Create a Campaign Without Goal’s Guidance.
  4. Set Campaign Type to Be ‘Video’.
  5. Check ‘Custom Video Campaign’.
  6. Enter the Campaign Name.
  7. Set Your Bid Strategy to be ‘Maximum CPV’.
  8. Add Your Daily Budget and Set the Start and the End Date.
  9. Uncheck ‘Video Partners on the Display Network’.
  10. Exclude ‘Embedded YouTube videos and live streaming videos.
  11. Select Your Audience Carefully.

The result is before you. I want to share the entire process in detail now. This post may be a little long, so grab a coffee and read it! or Watch this video on my YouTube channel.

Google Ads is the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience, and video ads are some of the most engaging ad types out there. You cannot only bring in the subscribers but leads if you have a business. 

YouTube Ads: Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube with Google Ads

I'd like you to carefully follow every step in this guide to attracting 1000s of YouTube subscribers and more with YouTube advertisements. Otherwise, you may end up spending all your fortune on buying YouTube views.

Step 1: Upload Your Video on YouTube.

Uploading the video you want to promote on YouTube is the first key to marketing your video. Click on “Upload” button, select the file, enter the title, description, and more. Ensure that the video must attract people to subscribe to your channel. 

Upload video on youtube

This is the screenshot from my YouTube Studio dashboard. You can click on + button to upload your video using a smartphone.

Here are a few tips to get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube Fast

Post unique content. Think out of the box. And come up with a catchy thumbnail. A good title will attract viewership as well as give an idea of the contents in the video thus increasing views.

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YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Step 2: Create a New Campaign in Google Ads.

Google owns YouTube. So YouTube ads are the same as Google ads. So go to and create a new campaign there. Select appropriate categories for your ad campaign.

First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube: 
 Create Campaign Without Goals Guidance

Here’s a pro tip: Create a campaign without the goal’s guidance.

This way, you are controlling all the factors that come along the way to promote your YouTube channel. And that control is important to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Step 3: Target Your Audience

In terms of targeting you have two options which are a broad match or phrase match. In the broad match, your ads will automatically appear when the user types a keyword related to your product/service.

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For example, if you are promoting the new iPhone 6S then broad matching your ad campaign with “iPhone 14 Pro” will bring in traffic for this term. In phrase match, your ads will appear when the user types a term closely related to your keywords.

For example, if you are promoting a new iPhone 14 Pro then you can use “new iPhone” in phrase match which will bring in traffic for this keyword too. Google also allows demographic targeting i.e age group, gender, and location. 

Here’s a pro tip: Set the best age group by analyzing your ‘Audience’

You can see different age groups and gender range for your YouTube channel. In my case, the age group was 18-34, so I went for that in my Google Ads campaign.

First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube: Set the best age group by analyzing your ‘Audience’

And this helped me get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube fast.

Step 4: Select Where You Want Your Ads to Show

Exclude embedded videos and live streaming type and labels. And choose the right network for displaying your ads. Google offers you three options to choose from

YouTube Search Results

If you check this, your promotional video will appear in the search results on YouTube. Go for it because you want to appear in the relevant searches. 

YouTube Search Ads

YouTube Videos

YouTube will serve your videos within the YouTube homepage, relevant channels, and videos. Check this for sure and trust YouTube’s algorithm. 

Video Partners on the Display Network

If you check this, your promotional video will appear in the display networks of Google's video partners.

Uncheck Video Partners on the Display Network to Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube:

Uncheck this because people don't usually want to go to YouTube when they're not already there. And if you check this, the ROI will substantially go down. 

Step 5: Set Your Budget and Bid for Higher Position

I usually spend $10 per day but you can set a daily or lifetime budget as per your promotional requirements. But don't spend too much. You can experiment with your ad frequency for higher ROI. When you set your budget, be sure that it is not too high otherwise Google will think that you are trying to scam them.

Here's a pro tip: Set your bid strategy to be ‘Maximum CPV

Maximum CPV YouTube for First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube

Set your bid strategy to be ‘Maximum CPV’, which means you are willing to pay for every view. If your final bid price goes too high, Google will automatically increase the ad rank. 

Step 6: Choose Placements Instead of Topics

Placements in YouTube video ads are the places where your ads will appear. Earlier I used topics to display ads on YouTube, but it didn't provide me the better ROI. But with placements, I can target the relevant YouTube channels and enjoy phenomenal ROI.

YouTube Ads Placements

Here’s a pro tip: Try Placement Based Targeting.

For that, go to YouTube channel analytics or to see the relevant channels. Copy the URLs and paste them into the ‘Placements' when starting a new campaign.

And this will help you get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube with Google Ads campaign fast.

Step 7: Create Your Video Ad

See how your YouTube video ad will appear on YouTube on different devices. Ensure your ad is responsive to mobile devices as well. Also, you would want to change the thumbnails to attract more subscribers to your channel. 

Create Your Video Ad on youTube

FAQs on Getting First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube With Google Ads

This section will cover some of the most common questions people have about getting their first 1000 subscribers on YouTube with Google Ads.

1. What's the best way to set up a campaign for getting subscribers?

When setting up your campaign, you'll want to make sure you're targeting the right audience and that your budget is set appropriately.

And for that, you'd want to benefit from the YouTube placements. According to my case study, I have got more subscribers by placing ads on the relevant YouTube channels. I hope that helps you get your first thousand subscribers on the platform.

2. How hard is it to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

If you want to get a thousand subscribers organically, it will take over 15 months to do so if you make at least 164 videos. But you can do it faster than ever using YouTube ads.

Grow youtube channel
Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

However, it depends on how well you target your audience and how much you're willing to spend. In my case study, I was able to get 1159 subscribers within a week for $300 and 5700 YouTube subscribers for $990.

3. How much does it cost to have an ad on YouTube?

The cost of running YouTube ads depends on various factors, such as your target audience, how long your ad runs for, and where it's placed. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.10 to $5 per click or action, depending on your targeting options.

4. What type of videos is the best for getting subscribers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best type of video for getting subscribers will vary depending on your target audience. However, in general, you'll want to create entertaining, informative, and valuable videos for your viewers.

5. Is paying for YouTube ads worth it?

That depends on various factors, such as your target audience, ad-spend, and the results you're looking to achieve. It is well worth spending your money on YouTube advertising.

Get First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube With Google Ads Campaign Within A Week

Creating a video ad to promote your YouTube channel and get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube can be challenging at times. But there are some key points to consider before you do it. In my case study, I improved from spending $1 per subscriber to $0.17 per YouTube subscriber.

What I changed is in the post above. Mainly, I excluded my video ad from Google's video partners, live streaming, and embedded videos. 

And I have also added all the YouTube channels that shared my audience in the placements. That's a wonderful way to target the right audience with a Google Ads campaign on YouTube. 

Get YouTube Subscribers Fast
Click on the Image

If you have got the first 1000 YouTube subscribers using video ads on Google Ads, now is the time to get 100K subscribers within 100 days. Have questions? Let me know in the comments below. Do you want to jump on the challenge to grow your YouTube channel in 30 days?

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