How to get YouTube Subscribers: 100K in 100 days!

How to get YouTube subscribers

Who doesn't watch YouTube videos? These people are rare nowadays ha? YouTube has more than 7 billion videos, and the number is rising rapidly. There are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there. But how to get subscribers to your channel and how to show your videos on the first searches of YouTube?

In this article, I am going to share with you all the tips and tricks on how to grow your YouTube channel. You will be able to get more YouTube subscribers. In addition to one small secret that will allow you to make more money on YouTube. Increase your revenue, even with the same number of subscribers and views on your videos.

How to get 100K YouTube Subscribers in 100 days! (Optimize Videos)

In our case, in the analytics, we have 165,000 subscribers. If we filter the last 90 days, we get 86,000 subscribers so more than 60% occurred in 90 days. If we filter the last 28 days we get 33,000 subscribers. In the chart it shows that almost every day, we get 1000 new YouTube subscribers. This is a very good amount.

The majority of a YouTuber's income comes from the payments that they receive for ads on their channels. The number of clicks on these ads is what the payments are based on. This, however, is not relevant to the number of likes. It is actually relevant to the number of views. This means the more people view ads on your channel; the more people are likely to click on them.

YouTube as a Career

Other than being a great source of income, YouTube is about finding your audience. It allows you to connect with them while you follow your passion. It also allows you to connect with people, or your YouTube subscribers, who share your passions from all over the world.

People online are always looking for relevant, entertaining, educating, and inspiring content. You can have a successful YouTube career as long as you create content that your audience finds powerful and motivating. You can start your own channel at any age, which is also great. YouTube has helped a lot of people, including musicians and artists, for example, by finding an audience online and even getting deals. Your audience is basically the YouTube subscribers that you get.

The Great Thing about YouTube

YouTube is a competitive platform. You need a lot of perseverance and patience. You need to understand your audience, connect with them, and learn what they search for and what topics they are interested in. The great thing, however, is not needing to worry about a tight work schedule. But make sure to post content consistently. The important thing is to have powerful content that moves your audience. That way you will get more YouTube subscribers.

Another great aspect of YouTube is that you can start at any time. You don't need a budget. You can start a YouTube channel anywhere and at any time if you have a great content idea. You don't even need to have a crew or team. You can just do it by yourself, prepare a good script, and starting recording yourself. You don't need a physical office, and you can just shoot from any place or from home. You can start it from your own bedroom or your kitchen or even when you are on vacation. You can then gradually grow, expand and get more YouTube subscribers. It is very simple and an awesome way to work from home!

The Four Main Keys

The idea is four main keys, if you apply them you can grow any YouTube channel. Of course, the audience is the number one factor for online success.

1- YouTube Optimization:

– YouTube Video SEO:

This means using the best title and thumbnail, creating a good description and setting the tags. These four are the meta tags of the video and are very important. Also adding captions, subtitles, and end cards. You need to optimize these mentioned factors in order to rank your videos higher on YouTube so they will show on top of YouTube when someone searches for a topic related to your videos. That is how you will get organic views.

You can use H-supertools, a free SEO and digital marketing tools service, where you can use the YouTube keyword tool. It helps with getting title suggestions, content ideas and keyword ideas and the monthly search volume and difficulty on YouTube. It will help you choose the best tags.

You can also use This tool helps you grow your YouTube channel. It gives keyword suggestions and generates the best tags automatically to use in your videos.

-Suggested YouTube Videos:

When you optimize your videos, YouTube will automatically suggest your videos. This is another way for your videos to get promoted. After optimizing your video content, thumbnail and title and get more watch time, YouTube will automatically promote your video for you. You have to focus on creating a catchy title, a special thumbnail that grabs attention and get people to watch more minutes of your video, in order to get higher click through rate.

– Promoted YouTube Videos:

This means promoting your videos outside of YouTube, you can do this on websites like Reddit or Quora. This way you can get YouTube subscribers from outside of YouTube! Simply go on Quora or Reddit, where you can ask and answer questions while mentioning your YouTube channel. You can also publish posts about your content and your YouTube channel. Of course, be sure not to spam!

– YouTube Video Re-optimization:

This means always go through your old videos on YouTube and search through them by filter by views so that you find which ones have a low number of views. Try to re-optimize the video, choose different keywords in order to rank better, change the thumbnail, and change the title. Keep an eye on the progress after one or two weeks to see improvements. A good tip after this, is to share the video again on your channel. This way people will see it again and you can get new engagement rates. So you can potentially get more YouTube subscribers. You can also set the video to private and create a new version of it altogether and publish it as a new video with the same topic.

Optimize your YouTube videos, Use H-supertools!

2- Consistency:

This simply means publishing videos on a regular basis. At least make sure to publish one video per week, try your best to publish quality videos and be consistent. This way you will have better engagement and get new YouTube subscribers.

3- Quality Content:

It is very important not to publish just anything, your videos need to have quality content, be unique, use topics you are interested in and have knowledge about. Find your niche. Give your audience value so that people will love your content and be interested in watching and liking, sharing and subscribing.

4- Patience:

Finally, keep in mind the most important factor which is patience. A lot of people lose hope after one or two months, this is very wrong. Don't just give up and quit YouTube. On YouTube, patience is very integral. At least wait 6 months to a year to see results. With time, you will achieve gradual growth in your channel.

*Bonus Tip:

The simple trick that a lot of YouTubers don't know, is how to increase the CPM and RPM of your videos in order to get higher revenue from the same views and the same number of subscribers. It is simply about finding the correct keywords so make sure you use the free YouTube keyword tool and free keyword research tool to find the best keywords with high CPC to put in the title, description, and tags. This will attract ads with higher CPC so you will earn more per click and per view. You will see an automatic increase in revenue. You can also go ahead and learn more about growing your YouTube channel if you like!

So don't give up, just follow these tips. If it works with every successful YouTuber, then it can work for you too.

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  1. Assalam o alaikum!
    I hope you are fine I am also your subscriber. I want to know if there is anything missing in the blog site I have created and I have not received AdSense approval many times. I am very worried. Can you help me about this?
    M. Khurram from Pakistan

  2. great tips coming from one of the topmost youtuber who have done it practically and grown his youtube channel. great to read this coming from you specifically. but i want to ask one question: what specific youtube keyword tool do you recommend that i use? where can i access these free tools? do you have any?

  3. JazakAllah khair brother for all your hard work . I am going to launch a YT channel and my online business based on your tips. Keep me in your prayers

  4. Becoming successful on YouTube is becoming harder. But with the right resource like this article, you will be successful. In summary, I can say that the secret to becoming successful on youtube is:
    1. Produce Quality Content
    2. Be consistent – continue until you succeed. Don’t give up!
    3. Be Patient – building a real business on YouTube takes some time so be patient.

    To all the YouTubers, I wish you success!