How to Get Google AdSense Approval: Ultimate Guide (2022)

I first applied to AdSense 7 years ago. And since then, I've helped many people get approved for displaying Google Ads to make money. In this ultimate guide on H-Educate, you'll learn how to get Google AdSense approval fast.

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network for bloggers and website owners. If you're looking to monetize your website or blog, AdSense is probably the easiest way.

But then why do so many people fail to get approved for AdSense? Let's find it out first and then jump on getting your site approved for AdSense. Sounds great?

Is it hard to get accepted to Google AdSense?

I believe it's not hard to get a Google Adsense approval if you follow Google's policies and the basics of how a website business works.

But it's shocking to see that many people get declined from Google AdSense. I've received tons of complaints about it via email, YouTube videos, and the H-Educate Forum.

Google AdSense Approval Guide

The primary reason is that they ignore Google's requirements and the quality of their sites. It would help if you also had some patience before applying for the AdSense program.

Now that you know AdSense isn't difficult to get approved for, let's move on to how it works.

AdSense Approval Process Explained (2022)

I've divided the entire process for getting accepted for Google AdSense into seven steps. I'll detail it in the next section. But for now, let me share the process with you to know what to expect.

Google AdSense approval process looks like this:

1. Google checks if your site is eligible for its program.

2. Googlebot crawls your website.

3. Reviews your application.

4. Approves or disapproves your application within 1-7 days.

5. Add a short code above the fold of your site's pages.

6. Wait for Google to approve your site for a week or two.

If everything goes right, you're all set! You'll start seeing live ads on your site so that you can make money 🙂

Google AdSense Approval Process

Ensure that you select your own country. And choose to create a business account if you have a registered business entity in your country. Once your AdSense account is created, you cannot change your country or account type.

Now that you know the entire process of getting verified for Google AdSense, let's move on to the next section, where I'll share a step-by-step guide on getting your site approved for Google Adsense.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast (Step by Step)

I'm pretty confident that you will get Google AdSense approved if you follow this step-by-step guide. But if you don't adhere to Google's policies, your application will get declined.

1/ Do This Before You Apply for AdSense

Before you apply for Google Adsense, you need to ensure that your site is ready and eligible for its program.

These are the things you should take care of before applying for Google AdSense:

  • Create common pages and posts with unique and relevant content.
  • Correctly add texts, images, and more.
  • Allow visitors to leave comments on your articles.
  • Add essential pages like privacy policy, terms of use, and about pages.
  • Focus on alignment, readability, and functionality.
  • Boost your site's speed.

Internet users are impatient, and they won't stay on your site if it loads slowly. Speeding up your site will also improve the SEO of your site. 

You can use this SEO Analyzer to analyze your site's searchability. 

These are not the requirements, of course, but these things will help Google determine if your site is of good quality or not. Google wants to ensure that its users end up on practical and functional sites with a readable content.

If you have a WordPress site, then there are tons of great plugins that you can use to speed up your website and improve the user experience. Google wants both fast-loading pages and a great UX.

2/ Meet the Eligibility Requirements for Google AdSense

As I mentioned earlier, Google has a few eligibility requirements that you must meet before applying for their program.

These are Google Adsense's eligibility requirements:

  • Have an 18 years of age or over.
  • Meet all the terms and conditions of using Google AdSense.
  • Get an active Gmail account that isn't already linked to an AdSense account.
  • Ensure your site is online and doesn't have pornographic, misleading, or violent content. And it doesn't rely on automated bot-generated traffic.
  • Must have access to the HTML source code of your site. (You don't need to insert any code if you use Blogger).

Let me break a few myths about Google AdSense now.

First, you don't need to have 30 posts on your site. Second, your site doesn't necessarily need to be six months old. But it's better if it is.

I'll talk about it later in the tips section of this post. Check out the AdSense site approvals video series on YouTube for more information. The next step is to sign up for Google Adsense.

3/ Apply for Google AdSense Program

Now that you know everything about Google Adsense and its work, you're ready to apply for their program. Are you? Follow these steps to sign up for Google AdSense:

  • Visit Adsense's homepage and click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Log into your Gmail account now. And ensure your email address is not already associated with an AdSense account.
  • Enter your website's URL, email address (that can be different), and all the required information.
  • Choose to go for the tailored assistance and performance suggestions based on your account data.
  • Select your country, and ensure you live in that country or territory.
  • Review and accept the AdSense terms and conditions.
  • Start using the AdSense account now.

Done with the approval? Not yet; you have just applied for the AdSense program. Google will now review your site and decide whether it is eligible for its program or not. Googlebot is Google's web crawler that scours the internet to index websites and pages. It will visit your site to check if it meets its program policies.

4/ Partially Activate Your AdSense Account

While Google reviews your site, you can still partially activate your AdSense account. This will give you access to some features in your AdSense account. You won't be able to use all the features, though, as Google is still reviewing your application.

To partially activate your account, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Gmail account and visit the Google Adsense homepage.
  • Click on the “Sign in to AdSense” button.
  • Enter your email address and password to log into your account.
  • Click on the “Activate Account” tab now, located in the header menu.
  • Complete all the steps on that page and click on the “Continue to my account” button.

You will be redirected to your AdSense account's dashboard now. You can access some features of your account, but not all.

If your site passes Googlebot's crawling, you'll get an email from Google saying that your website has been reviewed and approved for Google AdSense.

5/ Start Showing Ads by Google and Get Paid

The last step is to wait for Google to review your site and payment information. Once they have done that, you will be able to fully access your account and start using all the features.

You can check the status of your payments and review them in the “Payments” tab, located in the header menu. Ensure to provide the full postal address of your bank account and phone number.

You can also turn on Auto Ads so that your site starts showing ads once it's ready. And don't forget to paste the code between <head> and </head> tags of your site.

You're all set now. Google will start showing ads on your site, and you will start earning money. The amount you earn depends on many factors like traffic, ad clicks, etc.

6/ Keep Complying With Google AdSense Policies

Google can approve your site today and suspend it tomorrow if you violate their policies. That's why it's essential to keep up with their policies and ensure your website is always compliant.

Google updates its AdSense program policies quite often, so ensure you watch those changes. You can find all the latest AdSense program policies in their help center.

7 Tricks & Tips to Get the AdSense Approval Fast in 2022

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and effective ways to monetize your website or blog. However, getting approved for Google Adsense can be a challenge, especially for newbies. And these hacks and tips will help you, without a doubt.

1/ Design Your Site Properly with Clear Site Structure.

Ensure your site is well designed and easy to navigate.

Poor navigation can lead to a high bounce rate, which Google does not like.

And here's how to structure your site properly:

  • Properly plan your categories.
  • Have clear navigation.
  • Don't compete with your content (don't duplicate it).
  • Remove or update the old content.
  • Improve internal and external linking.
  • Make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices.

Look, Google wants to serve its users the best way. And if you also share the mission, you're going to hit your goals fast.

2/ Create Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer, About, and Contact pages.

These pages are important because Google will check them when considering your site. Again, it's not a requirement! But it's good to have them because these pages show that you care for the users and the content.

  • Use this Privacy Policy Generator tool to create the privacy page.
  • And use this Terms Generator tool to create the Terms of Use page.
  • Write something about your site's goals on the ‘About' page.
  • Offer your users to contact you for any queries on the ‘Contact' page.

3/ Start Publishing High-Quality Content (At-least 15-30 Posts)

Google Adsense program policies require that sites contain high-quality content. Google will check your site's content to meet its quality standards before approving your site.

But what if your site barely has content?

Google will most likely not approve your site if it doesn't have enough content. So make sure you have at least 15-30 articles or posts on your site before applying for Google Adsense. Again, it's not a hard and fast rule!

You can create as many posts as you want! The more content you have, the better. Google loves fresh and original content. So keep publishing new articles or posts on your site to improve your chances of gettting accepted for Google Adsense.

And publish content during the Google AdSense verification process as well.

Use these articles I've written to help you start creating content:

And when I say content, I mean the original and well-written content that adds value to your site's visitors. For example, I've tried my best to help you get your site accepted for Google AdSense with practical steps and tips.

4/ Verify Your Website Ownership on Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Again, Google doesn't require you to verify your site ownership on Google Search Console or Google Analytics. But it's a good idea to do so because:

  • Search Console helps you understand how Google sees your site.
  • And Analytics helps you track your website traffic and user behavior.

Also, you can request Google to index your site's pages using the Search Console. Google is more likely to index your pages if you have verified your site ownership on Search Console. However, it's just a tip and not a requirement.

5/Don't Use Copyrighted Images

It's a no-brainer, of course. Google AdSense doesn't allow copyrighted images on your site. So ensure all the images you're using on your site are either original or fall under Creative Commons.

You can find plenty of free stock photos online that you can use on your site. For example, here's a list of websites where you can find free stock photos for your blog posts:

The best thing about Canva is that you can design original images with elements, texts, and more. And you can also use photos from the library.

6/ Wait For Your Website to Age a Little Bit

I'm not talking about putting your site on a retirement plan. But Google Adsense works best with old websites. Why? Because an old website proves that it's there to last or has a history to prove the quality.

But how old should your website be?

Well, it should be at least six months old. Apply for the program after getting some organic views. But again, it's not a requirement by the Google AdSense program.

And I believe it's an opportunity for you to grow your site with consistent content publishing.

The reason is that Google wants to see consistent traffic to your site. So, it makes sense to wait for a little while before you apply for Google Ad.

7/ Remove Other Ads From Your Site If Applicable.

I know that Google is perfectly fine with using other ad networks and AdSense. But if they see many ads here and there on your site, they may assume it to be spammy or not in compliance with functionality policy.

So, if you're using other ad networks such as or Ezoic, I suggest you pause those ads before applying for Google Adsense.

After Google AdSense approves your site, you can turn those ads back on. Still, ensure to offer your visitors more content than ads. Don't flood them with various advertisements on your site that look spammy.

FAQs for Google AdSense (2022)

Getting accepted for Google AdSense to make money off your site is not a big deal if you follow the basics! Shouldn't you know what you're getting into? So let me answer a few questions about the AdSense program now.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program that allows website publishers to display Google ads on their sites and earn money from clicks. Google AdSense approval is required to participate in the program.

How much time does AdSense take to approve?

There's no one answer to that. Google doesn't give you any time frame for the AdSense approval. It can be as quick as 24 hours and two weeks. And I believe it depends on the quality of your site.

How much money can you make with Google AdSense?

Publishers like you get 68% of the total ad revenue generated with the AdSense service. Depending on the factors given below, you can expect to make from $0.20 to $15 per click.

On average, the commissions may be $18 per 1000 pageviews. The amount you earn with Google AdSense depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The niche of your site.
  • The number of page views.
  • Country or region of your site servers.
  • Clicks on ads by your site's visitors.
  • CPC (cost-per-click) of the ads. (Use this CPC table)

How does payment work at AdSense?

You can choose to be paid monthly until you've reached the AdSense $100 threshold. The AdSense issues your payments between the 21st and 26th of each month. On the ‘Transactions' page, you can see that your payments are in progress.

What are the top Google AdSense alternatives?

If your site couldn't get approved for Google AdSense, you might look for alternatives. However, understand that every ad network has its policies you need to follow.

These are some of the most popular alternatives to Google AdSense that website owners and bloggers use:

  • Ezoic (My favorite because it's beginner-friendly)
  • Infolinks
  • Bidvertiser
  • PropellerAds
  • Adversal
  • Chitika
  • Skimlinks
  • Monumetric
  • InfoLinks
  • Adsterra
  • Bidvertiser
  • BuySellAds
  • AdClickMedia
  • Kontera's Contextual Ads Program
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads

And the list goes on! Or you can choose an affiliate program to make money with commercial content on your site. 

How to approve my WordPress site for Google AdSense?

Google AdSense doesn't put any extra requirements for a WordPress site. So you just need to follow the same process as any other type of site. You need to be at least 18 years old, and your site must have a clear structure and unique content.

And to insert the AdSense code, either you can use a plugin or paste your code in the Custom HTML widget in the Appearance of your WordPress dashboard.

How to get Google AdSense on Blogger?

Blogger is a Google product, so you won't need to paste any code there. You need to go to ‘Earnings' and then create an AdSense account to start making money from your blog.

Too long, didn't read? Here's the Summary:

Google AdSense is a program that allows website publishers like you to display Google ads on your site. This way, you and Google make money from clicks.

To participate in AdSense, your site needs to be approved by Google. The approval process usually takes a few days but can take up to two weeks. All you need is to follow the guidelines given in this post and Google's policies.

The amount of money you make from AdSense depends on various factors, such as niche, page views, and CPC. I hope your site gets Google AdSense aproval, and you start making money from your site!

Let me know if you have any questions about AdSense on H-Educate Forums; I'll be glad to help you out! 🙂

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