How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 30 Days.

Grow YouTube Channel

When you think of popular websites, you think of YouTube, the leading video-sharing platform for content creators to put their ideas out there and grow their channel. As a matter of fact, YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet as of 2020, preceded only by Google.

Surely then, it's a perfect opportunity for you to start your online endeavor, right? But after days of hard work on your video, you log in to find it only has a few dozen views. You think to yourself, surely it can't be that bad, and truthfully it's not. 

The videos themselves are only half the equation; the other half consists of proper marketing and knowing how to reach your audience.

In the following guide, I will share my simple strategies on how to grow your YouTube channel in 30 days, applied to my channel as a real example.

My youtube channel growth in views, watch time and subscribers.
Here's how my channel started looking after applying SEO

Reaching your audience

When we talk about reach, we have two different types: paid and free.
Paid reach mainly involves ads, whereas free reach consists of direct shares and organic traffic, the guide's primary focus. 

How can you increase organic traffic and make sure that more people are clicking on your videos? Simple! In order to get your video to rank at the top of the search results, we first need to know what people are interested in.

If you go on the YouTube search bar and begin typing, auto-complete will show several terms. These are selected based on multiple factors, one of which is how often users search for a particular topic in the past. 

Knowing what people search for is a great way to decide what the topic could be and what to include in the video. 

Now to take this a step further: Enter Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short.

Grow your YouTube channel with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a way to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic through search engines. With SEO, you can get traffic for free 24/7 IN THE LONG RUN. 

By catering to your target audience, you will naturally attract organic traffic, increasing views, and gaining new subscribers.

I use the following tools to help with SEO

  1. H-Supertools – For competition and search volume.
  2. – For in-depth analytics and getting tags for your videos

1. H-Supertools

H-Supertools is a collection of FREE SEO and DIGITAL MARKETING tools all in one place to help you reach your goals. In this case, the goal is YouTube growth. We'll be using the YouTube Keyword Tool

YouTube Growth Tools

How can we make use of this tool? Let's begin by searching for a keyword. In this example, we use “Amazon SES.”

H-supertools keyword results
Upon searching, we get the following results

As seen above, the results are search volume and difficulty.

The volume lets you know how popular the term is, and the difficulty gives us an insight into the competition. Under optimal conditions, we would choose keywords that have high search volume and low difficulty.  

In addition to the above information, the tool also provides relevant keywords to use as tags. I make sure to use the appropriate keyword on my video as much as possible.

The keyword AMAZON SES is present in the title, description, and tags, and as a result? Voila!  

Grow your YouTube channel by having your video show on the top of the list
Grow your YouTube channel by having your video show on the top of the list

Searching “Amazon SES” now displays my video on top of the results.
The same holds true for harder more popular terms such as Fiverr.
With the keywords set up, I move on to the next step.

2. MorningFame

Morningfame is an in-depth analytics tool for your YouTube channel. It lets you track all the parameters necessary for growth and provides suggestions per video to boost your reach.

In depth video analytics for YouTube
Example above is the Morningfame channel analytics

At a glance, you know which videos are doing better than others, what keywords are gaining more traction, what resonates most with your viewers, etc.

It also provides another way to obtain keywords/tags and check if they're relevant, how well they do, how high of a ranking it can bring, and lists them for your personal use.

In addition to the above SEO Tools, you can find more tools on H-Educate's Resources and Tools page, so make sure to check it out!

Quora – Find your audience, give them answers

The second strategy that will help you grow your YouTube channel in 30 days is to generate content for Quora. Quora is an online community where anyone can ask, and anyone can answer questions. 

How can this benefit you? 

Just like YouTube's popular search feature, Quora serves as a great market research tool. By searching for your topic, you will view other relevant ones, which you can then follow.

Quora's main strength as an organic traffic generator comes from integrating your YouTube content when answering questions relevant to your topic.

Grow your YouTube channel with SEO
I make sure to include real examples and links to my YouTube content to drive traffic

If your answer is up-voted as helpful, congratulations! You are doing it right!
Keep giving useful and interesting answers to topics you have expertise in and include relevant links to your YouTube videos to generate free high-quality organic traffic. 

As you become a reliable contributor, keep in mind to aim for relatively recent questions with high views and few answers.

I go into more details on how to get traffic from Quora in my ten minute YouTube video on Quora Marketing.

You can now start on your journey to grow your YouTube channel with these simple strategies.

To expand on your skills necessary for your online business, make sure to check out my courses and articles. Good luck and have a wonderful day.

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