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  • Hasan offers valuable knowledge that anyone can use. The man truly cares about people and wants to help.
    Chip Chiperman
  • The best course, I will start right now to do what I learned
  • I love how simple Hasan explains things in bite-size segments! His voice is soothing. I never knew I could understand such techy information.
    Jamie Herrick
  • By far the best course overall I have ever taken including some $1000 and $1500 courses! Two thumbs way up!
    Bob Stratton
  • I really enjoyed this course and benefited very much
  • Awesome course. The best course out there ever about Mautic. I give it to 100 Star.
    Biplab Krityaniya
  • So far the course is amazing, I understand everything that I see and why it needs to be done.
    Luis Angel Pantoja Calderon
  • Extremely great step by step course!
    Josh Zelaya
  • Great and simple are simply the best....
    Duncan Rhoden
  • Awesome class, I was having issues initially because of my VPS provider. When I used one of the recommended VPS providers and it was smooth sailing. This is awesome
    Wen Go
  • I had never seen a teacher Like Mr.Hassan.Great Support for all the doubts.Crystal clear explanation which helps anybody build his own server. May Lord bless you Mr.Hassan.
  • This is the best course on the internet regarding building your own email system with such tools such as amazon ses+ mailwizz. I have Hassan's other courses too, including the SMTP one. They are all great & above expectations. Buy this course now!
    Adam S
    Mohammed Said El Azzouzi
  • Very informative and clear in detail.
    Dexter Johnson
  • Awesome Course! All required items explained very simply and straight to the point. recommended for everyone
    Dewan Md. Ferdose Hasan
  • excellent course.
  • Very helpful course!
    Md Khaled Amin
  • Simple and easy to follow so far...
    Esiklei Tonga
  • Awesome content and ease to understand for beginners and Intermediate level
    Ajay Sharma
  • It is very thorough. I am happy to know there is someone like Hassan out there to help
    Jason Schneider

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