How Much Money You Can Make From YouTube? (Case Study)

make money from youtube

In this post, I will share a case study I made on how much money you can make from YouTube for 100K – 1M views. This will help you estimate the earnings of any YouTube Channel.

YouTube is a Great Place to Make Money Online! ????

First of all, you have to know that the number of subscribers doesn’t matter. What mainly matters is how many monetized views you are getting on your channel.

What is a monetized view?

youtube ads

Simply, It’s when someone sees an Ad on your Video. Considering that you enabled monetization on your channel. Because sometimes YouTube will put ads on videos where the creator has not enabled monetization, in this case, the creator will earn nothing. (This is a new policy)

Let’s Start! Here is a screenshot of my YouTube channel dashboard

youtube earnings
12-3-2020 (H-educate)

How much money does YouTube pay for 1000 monetized views?

To make things simple, let's understand firstly how youtube calculates your monthly revenue, or how it calculates how much you earn per view on a certain video.

The idea is simple: you earn for each Ad (Impression or Click) and NOT on video views.

So if you have 1M views on YouTube, but no Ads are present on your videos, you earn nothing!????

Of course, we are talking here about earnings from Ads (Google Adsense) and not other methods that I will mention later.

Ad Revenue Factors

Now we know that you get paid on Ad view or clicks, but how much do you earn per Ad view or click?

I will show you now two dashboards of two YouTube Channels that I manage. Take a look:

Channel 1:

Channel 2:

Take a look at the RPM and the CPM! ????


  • CPM: How much advertisers paid per thousand monetized playbacks.
  • RPM: How much you earned per thousand monetized playbacks.

The First channel generates 12X revenue compared to the second. Why?

Three factors that determine your CPM & RPM or revenue on YouTube:

1. How Much Views you are getting, and being more accurate, how many times ads are shown on your videos and how many times are clicked.

2. Your Target Audience: The CPM in Top English Countries is almost 10x of other countries. For example, I have two channels: one has a CPM of around 22$, and about 1–5$.

3. Ads and Targeted Keywords: Not all ads have the same price. You can use tools like H-supertools Free Keyword Tool to determine the CPC of keywords and optimize your videos to increase your CPM.

For example, Ads related to Digital Marketing, Insurance, Money, and Online Business has a Higher CPM than others related to cooking and gaming.

How to Know Topics and Keywords With High CPM?

Let’s see this:

If you go now to H-supertools free keyword research tool and search for this keyword: “learning cooking“, you will see the following results:

The CPC (cost per click is 1.35$)

While if you search for “Email Marketing companies“, you will see the following:

The CPC (cost per click is 12.29$) is much higher than the first keyword.

so the content you are creating videos about is very important and it determines what type of Ads will be shown on your videos.

So there is no direct answer to this, you need to identify these factors, then you can answer.

If you like to see this in action, you can check my video here and see how I practically increase my CPM:

One of My YouTube Videos:

It’s 54$ CPM! Its a video on my channel, Click Here to check it.

You can open and check this video and analyze the type of content, length, tags, description, title, and so on. And try to copy my strategy to increase the CPM????

Going back to my channel, you can see in the dashboard that I do make around 8–10$ per 1000 Views. ~6000$ for 750K views, so our calculations are correct!

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Now you can calculate the revenue of any YouTube Channel based on the factors we mentioned here.

Hope this helps you increase your Ad revenue out of Your YouTube Channels ????

If You Haven't Yet Joined My YouTube Channel, Check It Now, am sure you will find something that will help you!

???? Bonus: Other methods to make money from YouTube:

YouTube Is not only about Ads! Did you know that you can make money from your channel with more than 6 methods other than Ads??


Affiliate Marketing: You can drive traffic to your affiliate links and earn money from different affiliate networks.

Super Chat: This is a feature on YouTube. You can enable when you go ???? LIVE, and people can pay you in the chatbox.

Merchandise: Also, this is a feature on Youtube that allows you to sell T-shirts or stuff like in Teespring.

Memberships: On YouTube, you can enable memberships on your channel, and people can join for a monthly fee.

Sponsoring: you can sponsor and create custom ads and reviews for specific products and earn money directly from advertisers.

Getting Traffic: YouTube is a great place to drive traffic to your website or your premium services or whatever you are selling.

Do you know that

  • 40% of my sales come from YouTube ✔️
  • 30% of my web traffic comes from YouTube ✔️
  • 60% of my Email List is from YouTube ✔️
  • 65% of my Audience is from YouTube ✔️

Yes, YouTube is Really so powerful when it comes to growing your business online.

Starting a YouTube channel and posting videos related to your niche will allow you to:

  • BE KNOWN (Brand awareness)
  • Get More Traffic.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Build Authority.
  • Promote anything you want to your audience.

Keep in mind the following when you start on YouTube:

Video Optimization: You have to take care of your videos after you upload by optimizing it, take care of your Thumbnail, Title, Description, Tags, Video length, script…

Quality Content: Quality is always better than quantity, especially today. so always ensure to give the real value of highly engaging videos on your Channel.

Consistency: YouTube Love consistency, always ensure to put a schedule for your channel and publish videos on a regular basis.

Patience: Your Channel will not Grow in 1 month (even though it's not impossible), but keep in mind that you may not see results before 6-12 months of hard work.


YouTube is a Great Place to Make Money Online!

To estimate your YouTube Channel's revenue, you have to check your CPM and RPM and see how many monetized views you are getting.

To increase your revenue from Ads, make sure to pick High CPC topics and Keywords in your videos.

YouTube Is not only about Ads! You can make money from your channel with more than 6 methods other than Ads.

Good luck! ❤️

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