How to do CRO for Affiliate Sites in easy steps

cro for affiliate

The ultimate guide to do CRO For Affiliate by increasing Click Through Rate.

CRO for Affiliate

Getting Low Conversion Rate?

Having a very good amount of traffic but not getting expected affiliate sales?

Let me guide you to find a solution.

There are two possibilities which might have happened,

  1. You are getting a low Conversion rate because you haven't optimized for CRO yet


  1. You might have targeted the wrong audience. For this, I highly recommend you to check out our blog post on 10 Affiliate Marketing Tips Can Make You Rich

Let's continue with CRO For Affiliate sites now.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization means optimizing your campaign in such a way that it will generate maximum results in the same amount of traffic.
In simple terms, Optimize the campaign to generate maximum results.
Results can be anything, capture leads or sales or anything. It will depend upon your campaign objective.

So What is CRO For Affiliate Marketing?

Considering any objective, either Leads or Sales, Achieving maximum Affiliate sales or Leads in the same amount of money or traffic.
This will be achieved by increasing the Conversion rate.
This is called Conversion rate Optimization for Affiliate Marketing.

Let's take an example,
You have 100 visitors coming to your blog. Out of which only 1 sale you are getting.
So, Your Conversion Rate is (1/100)*100 = 1
So, You have a conversion rate of 1% only.

Why do you need to optimize for conversion rate?

Suppose your conversion rate is 6% & 100 visitors are coming to your blog.
So, You get 6 sales with the same amount of traffic from the above example.

So we have to optimize our conversion rate in such a way that it will bring a high sales count.

Lets's dive into it to see.

How to do Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO for Affiliate Marketing.

First of all, you have to drive traffic to your blog, if you don't have any traffic, then it is very hard to optimize it for conversion. I will recommend you to watch this video on How to get traffic.

If you already have traffic,


You are one step ahead.
Let's move forward to CRO For Affiliate sites.

Landing Page creation

The landing page converts best. I will recommend you create a landing page about your affiliate product or service.


What you will put on the landing page?

Follow the below steps for that.

  1. Describe the problems that customers are facing. Suppose you are promoting email automation software.
    So, write about why email automation is required? What you are losing if you are not using Email Automation Software.
  2. Describe the solution to the problem. Describe the solution, Let's elaborate on the above example on the solution part. How you can stay connected with your customers. Tell them How Email automation will help them grow business? and So on.

In the third step,

  1. Pitch the product. Tell your customers about the product which will solve their problem.
    Considering the Email Automation example,
    Tell your customers How ConvertKit will help you in your email automation. What are the features the product is offering?
    How they will get the benefits by using this product.?
    What is the pricing? What are the customer's reviews?
    Write some case studies also.

Sometimes you can write a Comparison of software too. This technique will help you boost sales. check out the following case study where I showed the power of Comparison in affiliate marketing:

Now you have Landing Page Ready!

Let's optimize it with more clicks.

If you don't get clicks to your affiliate link, you can not increase sales.

Optimize Call To Action

To increase the CTR, Call to action are very important. Call to action are simply buttons on your landing page that will drive visitors to your affiliate link. Then as per your affiliate software policy, the cookie is ejected into the browser for a particular time frame. So you should at least have 3-4 Call action buttons.

So while providing the solution in the above step, Add the call to action button. The button should clearly convey the message. Like, Check out this software to Buy Now.

If you have some offers from the software, Add an offer code or link to the offer and provide an affiliate link.

Another way to optimize the call to action is for the Free Trial of Software, Obviously if the software is proving the free trial.

This will help you build trust & ultimately to increase CRO For Affiliate

Conversion using Email Marketing

By sending an email to your subscribers, you can generate affiliate sales.

All you have to do is, Create Content Spread awareness about the content. Gain Customer Trust & Lastly, Offer the product & Service CTA Link to Buy

So let's dive into it step by step:

  1. Create content like images, videos, infographics. The more content you will be having, the better to get traffic. Create a separate landing page or optimize the blog page as explained above.
  2. Spread this content on different social media channels. Like, Add a link to your bio on your Instagram, Share posts on Facebook & LinkedIn. Add video on Youtube. The content you are spreading should have a clear call to action. Because all we have to do is to encourage users to visit your blog page, learn More about Spreading Content and Syndication in this video.
  3. Offer Free pdfs or Offers & coupon codes in exchange for an email. Build an email marketing funnel & send them a weekly newsletter. This will help them to gain trust. It will take time, but it will work.
  4. Once you have gained customer trust, Pitch the product to your subscribers. Send them an email about your product & provide a call to action to your landing page to check out more details.

Funnel Building:

This is the best way to increase the CTR & eventually Affiliate Sales. Funnel is used to filter the irrelevant visitors. Due to this, Right appropriate visitors will only land on your final call to action page.

affiliate sales funnel

Stages of Funnel for Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Content Discovery
  2. User Attention
  3. Visitors landing to your page
  4. Clear Call to Action. Add affiliate links to call to action Buttons.
  5. Count Sales

Clickable Images

Making images clickable will help you a lot.
Many people get convinced to buy the product after looking at images only. Sometimes they make a decision to purchase after reading the little information. In such a case, If customers find your images clickable, they will click on them. Because they are already convinced.
Make sure you have added your affiliate link to the image src.
In this way, if users click on the image, it will redirect users to an affiliate link.

Exit popup Intent

When a user is about to close your webpage, he will see the popup covering the entire website. This is known as exit popup intent.
This will grab the user's attention. What you need to do is to integrate an Email Optin Form to capture the emails.
Many people will still click on the close button & exit from your webpage, but some will definitely enter Their email address.
To increase this percentage, you can offer them a free pdf or guides or anything in exchange for an email id.
After this, Add this email to your email automation, Which we have to discuss earlier in the above article. And in this, You are pitching the product affiliate link. Sales! Sales!
I recommend you to must do this CRO For Affiliate sites of yours.
And For Exit popup Intent, you can signup for Free on Hot Jar.

A/B Testing

It is always better to test multiple landing pages. Create two separate landing pages & drive traffic to them. Create different content & images on the landing page. Don't forget to highlight focus points on your landing page. Both pages should have a clear Call to Action.

That's it. You are all set for A/B testing. All you have to do is drive traffic to both landing pages. Count clicks you got from both pages separately & Also count sales too.

Suppose you get a higher CTR – Click-through rate from Landing Page 2. It means landing page 2 is converting better than landing page 1. Great! Your A/B testing is working. Now, Make your Landing page 2 the primary page and remove landing page 1.

Heat maps

heat maps

You have done A/B testing & increased the Conversion rate. But, if you further want to increase the CTR rate then Use Heatmaps. Heatmaps will be the best trick to do CRO For Affiliate.

Heatmaps will provide you a detailed analysis of users. Where maximum users are clicking, Where they are moving their mouse. At what section or corner of the web page users are clicking. This way, it will help you in placing the Call to Action location.

If you place it correctly as per Heatmaps, Your CTR will increase & So your sales too. You will also find which section or image of your webpage visitors finds it less attractive. you can remove them add valuable content. This will increase the Average session time

You can check H-analytics and get access here.

I hope you enjoyed the article ❤️ and got something that helps you boost your affiliate sales. I would be more than happy to read your comment below and share with us your experience or anything that may help anyone reading this article!

Don't forget that I will be available almost every day on the Forum to Answer your questions!

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