How to Mine Cardano ADA Coin on PC or Laptop in 2022

Do you want to mine ADA? Awesome choice indeed! Cardano is an extremely important project in the world of cryptocurrency. In this crypto mining tutorial, I’ll help you learn how to mine Cardano ADA on PC or laptop.

I have previously created a tutorial on mining Ergocoin, and I have explained about proof of work and staking.

And if you're an expert, let me tell you that you’re right that you cannot mine Cardano directly. Why? It’s based on Proof of Stake (POS) and not Proof of Work (POW) operating model. 

Read on even if you’re a beginner because I’ll explain about Cardano in straightforward words. And you’ll also learn how to mine ADA. Let’s get started right now. 

How to Mine Cardano (ADA) Crypto Coin on PC at Home (2022)

I have mined around 2 ADAs in 48 hours using my PC. Do you want to know how I did it? Watch this video right now on my YouTube channel:

But first, let’s get to know about ADA a little more. 

What is Cardano (ADA)

Cardano ADA is named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th century mathematician who is also recognized as the first programmer. She’s the daughter of an English poet, Lord Byron. Although it’s interesting to know that, it's not important for you. 

Ada is a digital currency that can be used by anyone as a secure exchange of value. It obviously plays the role of money. Every transaction is permanently recorded on the Cardano blockchain. Every ADA holder has a stake in the Cardano network. 

How to earn Cardano? For that, you need your wallet to delegate or pledge to a stake pool. It means that Cardano is based on proof of stake. Here’s how to buy or sell ADA coins:

  • Visit a top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase
  • Open an account at the crypto exchange
  • Create or buy a wallet like Yoroi
  • Start buying ADA for some other coin like USDT

That’s how you buy or sell ADA. Cardano foundation recommends Daedalus or Yoroi wallets for their security and privacy. Daedalus is a full-node desktop wallet. Yoroi is a one-click-install wallet for Cardano and it’s light. So I have chosen it for this tutorial. 

Why Cardano is Important

Cardano (ADA) is an extremely important cryptocurrency in the modern world. It builds on the technology of Bitcoin and Ethereum with improved sustainability and scalability. With that said, it's relatively friendly to the environment. 

And it’s faster and more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Isn’t it enough for you to start mining Cardano ADA on a PC or full-fledged rig? Cardano has recently got mainstream attention. But it’s worth more, I’m sure. 

Here are more reasons on why Cardano is a must-mining cryptocurrency:

  • Cardano ADA is energy-efficient and consumes only 6 gigawatt hours per year. While Bitcoin and Ethereum cost over 130 and 50 terawatt hours energy per year. 
  • Cardano’s founder is Ethereurm’s cofounder. And it’s important because we have already witnessed the work of Hoskinson
  • Cardano networks can handle a substantial number of transactions. For example, BTC processes only 5 transactions per second, while Cardano processes 257 transactions per second. 
  • Currency is important only when it has some value. Cardano has a variety of uses in healthcare, finance, agriculture and other fields. 
  • Cardano ADA coins are not unlimited. It has a maximum supply of 45 billion ADA. And just for your information, 32 billion ADA are in circulation right now. 

All these bullet points are extremely promising for Cardano ADA. If you want to mine Cardano at home, this tutorial is for you. But first, let me reveal something. 

You cannot mine Cardano? 

What? You’re mad at me? Well, don’t be. Let me tell you why. 

But don’t worry, I’ll still help you learn how to mine Cardano on PC. 

Why You Cannot Mine Cardano (ADA)

As I already told you earlier in this tutorial, Cardano is a cryptocurrency based on proof of stake. And it means you cannot show work because it doesn't require proof of work. Let me define both in simple words for you now. 

In Proof of Work (POW), you need to sell your coins to foot the bill, which requires a huge amount of energy. While in Proof of Stake (POS), you get the mining power based on the percentage of coins held by a miner. The burden is divided by the coins already held by a miner.

Watch this video I have created to help you understand proof of work and proof of stake:

Coming back to the point that Cardano cannot be mined because it runs on proof of stake. That’s what makes it more energy efficient than bull cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. Now that you know the basics about Cardano, let’s jump on the actual tutorial to start mining ADA. 

Excited? Let’s get started right now. 

How to Mine Cardano (ADA) on PC or Laptop at Home

Create a wallet on Yoroi, download the miner from UnMinable, configure and run it. That’s how you start mining ETH which will be saved as ADA in your wallet. Sounds fair?  Let’s dig deeper into the subject now. 

Create a Wallet on Yoroi

Yoroi is one of the fastest and most secure crypto wallets in the world. The Cardano foundation officially recommends it along with the Daedalus. However, YOROI is more lightweight than Daedalus. Creating a Yoroi wallet is quick. 

This is how you do it:

1. Go to and click on the ‘Download' button

Go to YOROI Wallet

2. Choose the download version according to your OS. I have used the Chrome version. 

Yoroi Wallet for Cardano and Ergo

3. ‘Add to Chrome' if you want to use the wallet on Google Chrome like me.

Yoroi Chrome Extension

4. Confirm on ‘Add extension' you're ready.

5. Click on the Yoroi logo from the extension's bar on Google Chrome. 

6. Go for the ‘Simple' wallet now. 

Simple Wallet for Cryptocurrency like Cardano

7. Skip the next option or allow to enable Cardano payment URLs.

8. Connect your hardware wallet, create a new one, or restore the old one.

9. Choose the ‘Cardano ADA' and ‘create wallet' now. 

Choose Cardano
Choose Cardano

7. Enter your wallet information, set your ‘recovery phrase.'

Create YOROI Wallet

But don't forget it after setting it up because you may need it for secure transactions. 

And boom! You've created a new wallet on Yoroi. Now is the time for you to connect your hardware to a mining pool. Let's do it right away. Go to ‘Receive’ to get your wallet’s address. 

Download the Miner

Here’s how you download the miner. I have selected unMinable for this case study. 

1. Go to Github and download NBMiner to mine ADA

2. Extract the zipped file

Now you must configure the miner to start mining Cardano ADA. 

Configure the Miner

1. Right-click on ‘start_eth.bat’ file

2. Delete data inside the file

3. Replace the information with:

nbminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:POOL_URL -u COIN: ADDRESS.WORKER pause

WORKER can be anything like your name or company’s name.

4. Replace ADDRESS with your ADA Wallet Address

5. Replace POOL_URL with UnMinable’s pool for ADA

6. Save it and boom!

Let me remind you once again that with this way, you’ll mine ETH and get paid in ADA. You cannot mine ADA directly. Let’s get your miner to start mining now. 

Run the Miner

Go back to the folder downloaded from unMinable. And open the ‘start_eth.bat’ file. If everything goes well, you’ll be running the miner smoothly now. 

See If It’s Working

But let’s confirm if the miner is working properly. Here’s how you do it:

1. Copy your YOROI’s ADA wallet address.

2. And paste it in UnMinable’s address section.

3. Search and analyze the mining progress now.

Your job isn’t over yet. It actually starts from here. How? Now you need to monitor your GPU’s temperature continuously. 

Monitor Your GPU’s Temperature

Monitoring your GPU’s temperature is important. It can blow your hardware if increased drastically. The best software to monitor your PC’s temperature is MSI Afterburner. Learn how to monitor GPU or CPU temperature in your PC using MSI Afterburner. 

  • To go MSI Afterburner and download the file
  • Unzip the file and double-click the exe file
  • Follow the instructions for the installation
  • Run MSI Afterburner and click ‘General’ tab

And that’s just it! This is how you monitor the GPU temperature of your PC mining ADA or any other cryptocurrency. The optimal temperature for GPU mining is 70°C. But I always keep it under 60°C – as low as I can.

Summarizing How to Mine Cardano ADA on PC or Laptop (2022)

Cardano ADA is an important cryptocurrency with a promising future without a doubt. It has less energy consumption when compared with other top cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH.

There are other benefits of holding Cardano as well. 

That’s why, a lot of crypto geeks like you are searching for mining Cardano ADA. However you cannot mine it directly because it’s based on Proof of Stake (PoS). What you can do is mine ETH, earn and save it as ADA in your wallet. 

Let me summarize the process for you:

  • Create wallet on YOROI
  • Download the miner from UnMinable
  • Configure and run it
  • Start holding ADA

Within 48 hours, I could hold approximately 2 ADA coins in my YOROI wallet using this method. And you can do the same if you want. It’s not as challenging as some people consider. With that said, I hope you have learned how to mine Cardano and I wish you best of luck for your efforts. 

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum.
    I’m Hussain billah From Bangladesh.
    I am your free student and I watch every one of your videos and I find your video very useful.
    Thank you for posting this but I can’t set it up like this post tick here. Please sir please if you make a video I would be very helpful. I wish you success.
    Thank You.

  2. Pls I have been wanting to know, after setting up the mining environment, does it require internet connection to mine all through d day

  3. Dear Hasan,

    Many thanks for this article!

    Well I tried to follow your steps to its best.
    However there are few points where i got confused and stuck.
    The process is not running it seems.

    1. [09:05:05] INFO – ethash – New job:, ID: ee1a4025, HEIGHT: 14014498, DIFF: 8.726G
    [09:05:09] INFO – ethash – New job:, ID: b767d373, HEIGHT: 14014499, DIFF: 8.726G
    [09:05:09] INFO – ethash – New job:, ID: afde5167, HEIGHT: 14014499, DIFF: 8.726G
    [09:05:09] INFO – Light cache built, 3.33 s.
    [09:05:11] INFO – Device 0: DAG – Building, EPOCH 467
    [09:05:11] ERROR – CUDA Error: out of memory (err_no=2)
    [09:05:11] ERROR – Device 0 exception, exit …
    [09:05:11] ERROR – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [09:05:11] ERROR – Mining program unexpected exit.
    [09:05:11] ERROR – Code: 1, Reason: Unknown error
    [09:05:11] ERROR – Restart miner after 10 secs …
    [09:05:11] ERROR – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kindly advise.


  4. ADA/Cardano does not involve mining – something is wrong here. Some cryptocurrencies create new currency by mining … a computer can solve problems for the network and get rewarded in Bitcoin or Etherum. If the computer is fast enough, it will be rewarded with crypto, but if not, it is wearing itself out and burning electricity and may get nothing.

    ADA is created by the proof-of-stake mechanism – the Cardano network does not support any type of mining. A person can earn about 5% per year by buying ADA and ‘depositing’ it so it works to keep the network validated. And this article is not square with the facts about Cardano – there is no mining. So why download install software that claims to let a person mine? Could be a headache for some.

    1. yes friend, you are right, but you can still mine and get paid in Cardano, using unminable.
      its not direct mining, but we are getting paid with another coi.

  5. Is it okay to use core i5 PC. I don’t have a miner. What can I do to mine please I need ur answer.
    Great content by the way. Kudus.