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Sir, You had achieved great. The most limited resource all have in common is time. And you also have the same. However, you was able to manage it and come up. I would like to ask you create an article or video on time management that will consist of your story. Different periods of your life and your time management process.


Education Period.
If you had done some 9 to 5 or part time job.
Quarantine Period.
And more

What would you suggest us to do.

And also Sir I would like to know in your content when did you start to online business and when actually you started earning.

How much time you allocate on developing skills and how efficient are you within that time tips and tricks.

And many more.

I hope if you create such a content of your story focusing on time management it would be a great motivation and useful information us to go ahead.

I think you would consider my idea.