IoT and Cloud for beginners – The Full guide

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IoT and Cloud.

“Introduction to IoT and Cloud”

In this article, I will go into an Introduction about IoT and what it is from scratch to make the basics clear for those who are new to this topic.

What is IoT?

We can simply define IoT as a network of smart objects that are connected o the internet.These Objects can be anything (car, lamp, closet, door…).

These Objects are characterized by being uniquely accessible, addressable, and programmable.

Let’s take a look at this example to understand the concept.

In this diagram, we have two objects, a smart thermostat, and an air conditioner.

This thermostat can read and check the temperature and then knows if it is hot or not, then it can give a command to the air conditioner to turn on or maybe change its temperature.

To accomplish this operation both devices must be connected over the internet as you can see in the diagram, and since they are connected then they must be accessible.and in the network to access and the device it must have an address so we give the devices Ipv6 address so they are addressable.

And since these object can give commands by their self then they must be programmable.

Why are these objects smart?


Since these objects must hold sensors and they are programmable to analyze something to give commands, and of course can be managed remotely then they are set to be a smart object.

In general, every object in an IoT network is set to be smart.

Some IoT Use cases :

  • Home automation.
  • Smart cities.
  • Autonomous transport.
  • Smart farming.
  • Smart Healthcare.

Main IoT Elements

The main Four elements of IoT are People, Process, Data, and things.

Things: Any Smart object on the Network.These Devices may be computers, servers, mobile phones or anything in this world that can be turned into a smart object using a certain sensor and controllers.

Process: It is the operations that occur between people things and data.In IoT, all work together to perform and solve a certain operation or problem.

Data and people are clear.

Please if you have any question feel free to comment below and I will be very glad to help or submit your question to the question area.


To be continued…

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