How to Make Money with Email Marketing Campaigns

We all love the idea of having a passive income. If you don't know what passive income is, it is making money while you are sleeping in your bed. But how to achieve this?
Well in this guide, I will be sharing with you 6 ways of how to make money with email marketing campaigns. Read with me. Actually, I'm typing. I'll type; you read and listen to that tiny voice in your head. He is speaking the truth.

passive income how to make money with email marketing

What is Email Marketing

Let's first explain briefly what is email marketing.

Open your Gmail account and go to your promotions tab. You can find lots of emails showing you different promotions and ads for many products.

The products could be software, services, or even real products you can order to your home.

Many companies, if not all companies use this strategy to promote and sell their products.

They just send emails to people letting them know about new products, thus having possible customers that could buy their products. Nice!

In other words, Email marketing is a highly effective strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

So let's dig further into how to make money with email marketing campaigns.

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A small Tip!

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6 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing

There are many ways you can choose to make money online. But in this guide we will be talking specifically about the email marketing side to make cash.

Let's begin together with the list.

Sharing Affiliate Products

This is the first and most common used way to make money with your emails.

Of course I am not talking here about spamming! We do not want that and do not encourage this at all!

We are talking about sending cold emails for many people, or what we call prospects, so they might become potential customers.

Let's suppose you want to share an affiliate product for SEO like Semrush, or an email service like Sendgrid. What you want to do is to send like 500 to 1K emails per day as cold emails to drive people to where you are promoting your affiliate links. That simple.

Do not directly send the affiliate links in your email. This is Spamming.

Want to learn more how to get traffic to your affiliate products? Just watch below video.

Method number 2 for how to make money with email marketing is to promote your own services and gigs.

Promote your gigs

I am pretty sure you know what Fiverr is. Fiverr is an online market place for freelance services.

Let's say you know how to build an email marketing system, have a graphic design talent, or any other talent and skill, you can use this to make money.

Fiverr is your way to tell people you have these skills.

What you will do with your emails is start sending cold email marketing campaigns to all prospects telling them about your Fiverr gigs. This way you will get more customers for your gigs!

Watch below video on how to get traffic for your gigs on Fiverr. It is pretty easy!

Now that we have introduced 2 methods, it is time to go to the third one obviously, which is a very easy way to learn how to make money with email marketing.

Promoting your products and services

Do not tell me you haven't checked our own link shortening services Well we have written a complete article about it here. Go check it out!

Ok back to our point. is one of the services h-educate is selling. One of the ways people know about it is by sending emails to our subscribers letting them know about our awesome service.

So one of the main methods you can use in your email marketing campaigns is to promote your own services and products.

We also have courses online and the way we promote it is by sending our subscribers emails about them.

Now you may ask me, where will I get my email list? Good question.

As you can see in our website, we have a small opt-in where you will enter your email address to start getting our free tips and tutorials.


Not only we provide great content and advice to our subscribers, but we also use this mailing list to share with them our products and send some promotions.

Apply the same on your website and start building your email list.

But always make sure to provide your subscribers with valuable content so they will always open your emails!

Watch below small 10 minutes case study on how I did 231$ in 10 minutes using email marketing!

Method 4 on How to Make Money with Email Marketing

This method doesn't really have a name so I named it method number 4. Very creative!

This method lies on applying 2 simple tricks in your everyday emails that you send to your customers.

Let's see below email.

You can see that we have implemented an automated signature in our replies.

What we have added in this signature are links to our website, services, and affiliate products.

Go to the settings of your email and implement this. This is very important.

You are replying to everyone everyday, so start getting some traffic to your products by this very simple trick!

You can use tracked links from and check how much free traffic you get from these signatures.

The other trick is to set automatic replies to any one who send you an email(if it suites your type of business of course). In these replies you can tell people that you will reply to them ASAP, and that they can check your links in the time waiting for you to reply. Very simple!

Selling your email list

No don't go and sell the emails that you have! These are your emails and your lists!

What I mean is to sell your newsletter. How? Let's see together.

Udimi is a website made for solo ads. Solo ads is a way of marketing by contacting some one offering a solo ad, giving them your link that you want to promote, and they will share and promote your link.

Now you can see where I am going here. You will be the one that gets the link from people and sending it in your newsletter and sell clicks to their link. That simple.

Assuming you have 10K subscribers that are highly engaging with your emails. You can surely provide 300 clicks. Those 300 clicks can be sold for more than 200$. Awesome!

Just go and create your solo ads profile, get links from the people and send them in your email marketing campaigns and start making money.

Running Ads in your Newsletter

Last but not least, the 6th method of how to make money with email marketing is by running ads in your newsletter.

Let's go to our email marketing system Mautic. You can see below there are two parts. In the first part you can promote what you normally promote or send in your newsletter.

As you can see, there are these photos under “Come check us out!” logo. This is the place you can sell for anyone who wants to promote an ad!

This is like posting an ad on your website like Google Adsense. It is not like solo ads, you are not getting paid for the clicks. Here you are getting paid for just placing the ad in your email, and getting a fixed amount of money whether people click the ad or not.

This method is not spamming at all and used by most websites. Just like Quora!

You can see below, Quora asks you when running a paid ad on their website if you want to include your ad in their own newsletter.

quora email marketing


As promised, I have showed you 6 methods on how to make money with email markering.

Let's sum all these methods in a small list.

  • Sharing Affiliate Products.
  • Promote your gigs.
  • Promoting your products and services.
  • Method 4 by implementing links in your auto-replies and signature.
  • Selling your email list in Solo Ad marketing.
  • Running Ads in your Newsletter

But before you start implementing all these methods, start by building your blog or website online and collecting your email list.

Make sure you get a big validated email list, and you can start making a lot of money just by sending emails.

I hope I gave you some enthusiasm to start working and getting some money.

I will be waiting your ideas in the comments section below.

Keep following us to know more tips and tricks and stay safe!


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  1. Interesting tips. Thanks for the Great value you’ve shared.
    I would like to know, How should I Have a content idea of the niche I would like to promote and how do I know that the niche is good for me to start blogging?

    1. Thank you! You have to read a lot about the niche you decide for your blog. Once you read and learn a lot about it, you will have a lot of content ideas and you can decide better if it is the one for you or not.

  2. Great article. I generated around 500+ emails list. Can you suggest to me, that how can I send them emails about my new post. Is there any email sending software or website?
    Waiting for your reply!

    1. Friend,
      You can create your own SMTP server or use any mailing services such as sendgrid, Mailchimp or others. For more details, post your questions on

  3. great job sir.
    pls, i want to start my blogging business, and i want to leverage on your videos
    i mean after my write up, i will refer them to your youtube video for them to watch.

    it mean, i will send traffic to your channel or is their any youtube affiliate program i can earn from by doing that.

  4. Thank you very much! You must do a lot of research on the niche you choose for your site. After you’ve read and learned a lot about it, you’ll have a lot of content ideas and will be able to determine whether it’s the one for you or not.

  5. Always great education from H Educate. Thanks a lot.

    Please which should come first for a beginner. Taking the email marketing course or starting a blog/website.