How to Make Money With NFT: Create, Buy, Sell in 2022

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have a variety of uses and are one of the most popular ways to earn money online today. In this definitive NFT guide, you will learn how to make money with NFT. This guide will learn everything you need to know about NFTs and how to buy, create, and sell NFTs.

These tokens are a new and exciting asset class that is quickly gaining traction in the world of cryptocurrency. NFTs are unique in that each token is different from the next, making them perfect for gaming, collectibles, and other uses.

One of our H-Educate members asked me to make a video about NFTs. So let's start with the basics first and then move on to minting, buying, and selling NFT. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs are digital assets that are unique and non-fungible. Non-fungible tokens are created using blockchain technology, and each token has a unique identifier. This means that each NFT is unique and cannot replace another NFT.

What is NFT: How to Make Money With NFT

NFTs can represent unique items in video games, digital collectibles, and other online platforms.

People often ask, ‘Is Bitcoin an NFT?' Well, the answer is no. NFTs are different from traditional digital assets like BTC or ETH because they are not interchangeable.

Let me give you an example of what NFT is not! For example, a hundred-dollar banknote is not an NFT because the bank can simply print a new one if you lose it. However, if you lose your digital asset on a blockchain, there is no way to recreate it. 

All hundred-dollar bills have the same worth and ability to split, unlike an NFT.

NFTs are valuable because you can use them in various applications and ecosystems. These are some of the most popular NFT marketplaces:

  • Social media platforms like DTube.
  • Collectible games like CryptoKitties.
  • Online marketplaces like OpenSea, Mintable, and more. 

I'll go with OpenSea in this NFT guide. But first, let me give you the biggest reasons why NFTs are so special.

Why NFTs: The Biggest Benefits of NFT

NFTs are still in their early days, so there is much room for growth and innovation. They're ideal for online transactions and other things because of the benefits. 

Benefits of NFT: How to Make Money With NFT

There are a few reasons why NFTs are becoming so popular:

  • Secure and tamper-proof.
  • Safe and reliable investment.
  • Unique, making them a valuable digital asset.
  • Usable in a variety of different applications.
  • Represent unique items in video games and other digital collectibles.

And most importantly, NFTs are stored on decentralized ledgers, which means that authorities cannot control or confiscate them.

So these are the biggest benefits of NFTs. But how can you use them to make money?

How to Make Money With NFT: 5 Ways to Earn Revenue

There are a few different ways that you can make money with NFT. Here are four of the most popular methods:

1. Buy and hold NFTs as assets.

2. Create and sell NFTs on an online marketplace

3. Mint NFTs for a video game or other digital platform.

4. Use NFTs for online transactions.

5. Give out NFTs as a reward for buying digital products.  

Let's take a look at each of these methods in more detail.

Buy and Hold NFTs as Assets

One of the best ways to make money with NFT is by buying and holding NFTs as assets. Over time, the value of NFTs will likely increase, so holding onto them could be a profitable investment. 

Buy on NFT: How to Make Money With NFT

This is how you buy NFTs on OpenSea. 

  • Create your wallet on Coinbase or MetaMask.
  • Set up your account and store your 12-word phrase.
  • Transfer cryptocurrency to get started.
  • Create your account on OpenSea.
  • Log in to your OpenSea account. 
  • Search through the NFT marketplace.
  • Select NFTs you want to buy.
  • Click the ‘Buy Now' button. 
  • Check out and make your purchase.

That is simple! But before buying an NFT, you must research the market and assess the risks involved. You can buy an NFT believing you'll make a profit, but, in general, NFTs are volatile, and it is not easy to predict their future.

Create And Sell NFT on OpenSea

Another way to make money with NFT is to create and sell them online. I'll help you create an NFT using Canva and sell it on OpenSea. Sounds easy and exciting? Let's start then. 

Decide on the Concept

Before you jump on minting your NFT, you first need to decide what it will be. What does that mean? Have a clear idea of what the NFT will represent and look like.

For example, you may want to create a digital asset that represents a share in your company or one that represents a limited edition work of art. Once you have the concept in mind, you need to design it.

Make NFT on Canva

Canva is a user-friendly platform that lets you create visuals with ease. You don't need to be a professional designer to make cool NFTs on Canva.

Canva homepage

It's fantastic if you are good at designing. But this guide is for people who want to make a quick and easy NFT without prior design experience.

1. Create a Canva account if you don't have one yet. 

2. Log into your account and create a new design. 

Design Custom Size Logo on Canva

3. Search elements and combine them to create something new. 

4. Add text, images, or shapes to your NFT. 

5. When you're finished, select ‘Download' it. 

Create NFT on Canva: How to Make Money With NFT

And boom! You've made an NFT using Canva. That's probably the easiest way to do it. You haven't even thought of it. Or have you? 

List NFT on OpenSea to Make Money With NFT

Now that you've created your own NFT, it's time to list it on OpenSea. For that, you need to make your collection and enlist your NFT there.

1. Create an OpenSea account if you don't have one yet. 

2. Create your wallet using MetaMask.

3. Log into your account and deposit some crypto into your wallet. 

Buy NFT on OpenSea

4. Go to My Collection and create a new collection.

My NFT Collections on OpenSEA

5. Enter the information about your collection like name, description, logo, category, URL, featured image, and more. 

Create NFT on OpenSea: How to Make Money With NFT

6. Select the blockchain you want to use from Ethereum or Polygon. I'd go with the latter because it's gas-free. 

7. Select the payment tokens you want to use and set the display theme. 

Payment and theme on OpenSea

8. Click on ‘Create' on the right side of your screen and sign in with MetaMask.

Sign in to MetaMask

9. Your collection is now created!

Now is the time to list your NFT in your collections on OpenSea. 

1. Click on ‘Create' on the right-side of the OpenSea dashboard. 

List NFT on OpenSEA

2. Enter information like price, type, method, and Fees for your NFT.

3. Connect with people and spread the word about it.

Create NFT on OpenSea

Congratulations! You've created and sold your first NFT on OpenSea. You're now a part of the crypto-economy. Let's get to know a few more ways to make money with NFT now. 

Mint NFTs for a Video Game or Other Digital Platform

Another way to make money with NFT is to mint them for a video game or other digital platform. This can be a great way to make money with NFT if you are serious about minting NFTs. 

Mint NFT for Games: How to Make Money With NFT

Use NFTs for Online Transactions

Because NFTs are secure and unchangeable, you can use them for online transactions. This can be a great way to generate revenue, especially if you understand NFTs and the blockchain.  

Give Out NFTs as a Reward for Buying Digital Products

Another way to make money with NFT is to give out NFTs to buy digital products. For example, I plan to sell my courses at H-Educate Academy and give out an NFT as a reward for finishing them. 

Offer NFT as Rewards: How to Make Money With NFT

As a buyer of the course, you can sell the NFTs on an online marketplace for a profit. So, not only do you get to learn new things, but you can also make some money in the process۔ 

NFT Guide: Frequently Asked Questions 

Let me answer a few questions about NFT that you may have.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets and cannot be replicated. This means that each token is different from any other, making them perfect for representing special items in a digital world.

NFTs have become popular because they offer a new way to create and own digital assets. These tokens can represent anything from virtual assets in video games, to artwork, to collectibles. As the popularity of NFTs grows, so too does the potential for making money with them.

How do I mint NFTs?

Minting NFTs is a simple process. All you need to do is create a new token on a blockchain platform and assign it a unique identifier. Once the token is created, it can be traded and used like any other digital asset.

Where can I buy NFTs?

NFTs can be bought on a variety of online cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply search for the name of the token you are interested in, and you will be able to buy and sell it like any other digital asset.

How can I make money with NFTs?

There are a few ways to make money with NFTs. You can create them yourself and sell them online, buy NFTs from other users, or use them to participate in online gaming and gambling platforms. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for making money with NFTs is only growing.

How much does it cost to list an NFT on OpenSea?

There is no cost to list an NFT on OpenSea. But you need to have an ERC-20 compatible wallet to list your tokens. If you don't have a compatible wallet, we recommend using MetaMask. And minting NFT may cost you if you choose another blockchain than Polygon.  

Who pays royalties on OpenSea?

Set royalties on OpenSea

The seller pays royalties on OpenSea. When a seller is embedded in a marketplace they created, they can also earn money with a seller fee. In this case, an NFT sells for 1 ETH through their site; we deduct our 2.5% fee and then pay the affiliate out of that 2.5%. 

How do NFT creators make money?

NFT creators make money from the sale of their tokens and through other methods such as minting fees and affiliate payments. 

Can I get rich minting NFTs?

While it is possible to make a lot of money minting NFTs, it is not easy. There is a lot of competition in the NFT space, so you will need to create a high-quality token that people want to buy. If you can do this, you stand to make a lot of money minting NFTs.

Is there a limit to the amount of NFTs I can mint?

There is no limit to the amount of NFTs that you can mint. However, you will need to have a compatible wallet to mint your tokens. 

What is an ERC-20 compatible wallet?

An ERC-20 compatible wallet is a digital wallet that can hold Ethereum-based tokens. This type of wallet is used by many cryptocurrency exchanges and is the standard for minting new tokens. 

What is an NFT wallet?

An NFT wallet is a digital wallet that can hold Ethereum-based tokens. This type of wallet is used to store NFTs and other Ethereum-based assets. 

NFT Guide How to Make Money With NFT

What is a blockchain platform?

A blockchain platform is a decentralized network that allows users to create and use new cryptocurrencies. Blockchain platforms are used to mint new tokens and power online gaming and gambling platforms. 

NFT Guide: Quick Takeaway

In conclusion, there are many ways to make money with NFTs. You just need to be creative and think outside the box. The sky's the limit when it comes to making money with NFTs. So, go ahead and explore all the possibilities. Have questions? Let me know in the comments below. 

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