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Hasan Aboul Hasan

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I dislike most talking about myself, but I'm obliged to do so here! I fell in love with computers when I was eight years old, and by the age of 9, I had made a complete Windows installation.

I tried my best to learn everything I could about computers, such as Programming, Network and Server Administration, Hacking and Security, Computer Maintenance, Virtualization, Linux & even Adobe and Auto Desk, Graphic and design products.

Computers are my life. By the time I've written this biography, I have gained more than 8 years of experience in Network and Server administration. And more than six years in .Net, Java, Python Programming, and of course, Database design and administration.

I switched to marketing and business after I realized 7 years ago, that if I want to be successful in my online business, I have to dedicate some time to marketing.

I started H-educate 5 years ago, and today I have more than 8 online income sources.

And by the way, I shared all this journey and how I built those income streams on my YouTube Channel. take a look if you like 🙂


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You won't fail unless and until you stop trying.

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