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Hi there, fellow instructor!

As online teachers, we are both aware of the importance of marketing your courses. As with a lot of things, this is much easier said than done. But it is still a crucial step nonetheless. In fact, marketing may be the most important step in developing an audience for the courses you teach online (along with the courses themselves being made efficient in terms of content and style...).

It is for this reason that we're happy to announce our project that will help you and many other instructors around the world in promoting your courses so you can get more sales. And the best part is that it's all free! THE PROJECT We've developed "", a website that provides three main services:

  • Free Online Courses
  • Guest Posting
  • Free Online Support (Q & A Platform) is built to serve these 3 main purposes, along with providing a few other services and resources (like free video lectures, source codes, help you build a website, a Youtube channel, and more)


Now you may ask, "How can this help market my courses and get me more sales?"

Simply put, we will publish your free courses on our platform and then post ads for your premium courses on our site. We will also have a page dedicated just for posting your premium courses with links to Udemy or any other platform you choose to host your courses on.


"How can I be sure that I will get traffic to my premium courses?"

There is no need to worry about driving traffic to our website (thus your courses), we have the marketing part covered. All you need to take care of is making your courses as efficient and elegant as possible, and we will attract students to see ads for premium courses they are interested in, including your own.



The links to your premium courses are not affiliated links: they are YOUR links that YOU send us to promote for YOU.



Now even if you're not interested in posting free courses on, or you want to try another method for attracting students, you can still choose to post articles on our website. Since we will drive traffic to our website, people will read your articles which will lead them to your premium courses. You can think of it as widening your (marketing) spectrum to reach more students and attract them to your platform or website.



Another upside to posting articles on is the opportunity to interact with students in the Q & A section. If you don't have the time for that, then your luck hasn't failed you, as we also have a dedicated team that will answer your students' questions on your behalf. However, we strongly encourage you to personally interact with students to emphasize your presence.



In order to join our platform, you need to offer us at least one free course to publish on our website that's at least 25 minutes in length. This doesn't have to be a new course made specifically for, it can be a free course that you've created before. The point is that the course you provide must be free on our platform AND all other platforms it's available on.

You Can NOT Publish A Course For Free On Our Website When You're Charging A Price For It On Another Platform Or Anywhere Else, This Goes Against Our Policies. It has to be free on and all other sites and platforms.

Important Note: The course must be free for life, and you don’t have permission to change the course into a paid course later on or to remove it from our site.



Don’t worry about publishing your course, we will take care of uploading, hosting, publishing, and everything else. All you have to do is send us the downloadable links to your free course lectures (It can be hosted on YouTube).

Your free course must meet some qualifications so that we can post it. We will contact you as soon as we verify these qualifications.



You can still join by publishing at least 3 articles on our website (each article must be at least 1500 words long). "WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE ANY ARTICLES OR I CAN'T WRITE ANY ARTICLES?" In this case, you must provide a certain service, whether it is a small application you've developed, an online service, or a book, anything that helps students and encourages them to interact with the system. OR You can provide 5 lectures on any topics 2-minute length as a minimum.



After you've joined our system by publishing your free courses, posting articles, and/or providing your other services, we will publish advertisements and links to your premium courses on our website!


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