Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $508 Passive Income In One Month With Affiliate Marketing

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This case study will show you exactly how I used affiliate marketing to earn $508 passive income in one month after just 3 months!

I will show you how to promote affiliate products online and build a real affiliate marketing business using my methods.

My passive income from affiliate marketing in the first 3 months

When I started my affiliate marketing business (which is not my main business, by the way), This is what I earned every month for the first 3 months:

Through my affiliate marketing business alone, I made between $300-$500 per month. Take a look at my pending earnings.

Once all the sign-ups spend $25, I can earn the entire $48,575! At the time I started this case study, I was earning $600 per month. When I was writing this article, I earned around $1800 per month through my affiliate marketing business, more or less.

By the way, if you're interested in learning more about my main income streams, click here or the video below.

Before getting into the main part of the case study, let's summarize in a few words what affiliate marketing is.

Briefly, what is affiliate marketing?

  • Promoting or marketing products for other people: for example, I have an online course that if you promote, you will get a commission.
  • You get a commission when you sell someone else's product.

So what are the 3 steps I took to earn passive income in one month with affiliate marketing?

3 simple steps to make money with affiliate marketing:

To make money online promoting affiliate products, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the affiliate product/service related to your topic that you want to promote.
  2. Create content about this affiliate product.
  3. Drive traffic to your content.
3 step to make money in affiliate marketing

After these steps, you will get referrals and easily earn passive income in one month with affiliate marketing.

Let's look at my Blog for the first direct example

One way I promote my affiliate products is through my blog.

In my case, I'm promoting ads for my own services, like H-supertools, but you can add advertisements for your affiliate product instead.

blog homepage showing h-supertools ad

Take a look at my article titled “How to Setup SMTP Server and Send Unlimited Emails“.

Nested, in my article, is my Digital Ocean affiliate link. The link leads to a free service that allows people to create free VPS on Digital Ocean's cloud. Once people sign up through this free link, I will get paid.

So people who read my article, whether they come from Google or my YouTube Channel, click on the links, subscribe, and I earn money without putting any effort. Through this method, I was able to make $508 passive income in one month.

To recap, create a blog, choose the correct product for your audience, create content, and drive traffic to your content.

Second example: Promote Affiliate Links with YouTube

This next example involves creating video content rather than blog posts. You can easily create videos for free on YouTube.

It is easy and straightforward to create a YouTube channel; consider creating one!

I use my channel to educate viewers about digital marketing and online business and promote my products.

By creating free videos with valuable content on your YouTube channel, you can simultaneously promote affiliate products related to your channel.

As you can see in one of my video's description, I share affiliate links for products such as Mailwizz.

When promoting my affiliate links, I always make sure to shorten them. It is important to use short links when you promote and if you'd like to learn more about short links, check out this article explaining the power of link shortening services.

When people visit any of my affiliate products through my affiliate links and buy the application, I will get a commission.

Third example: Udemy Profile

Another way to promote affiliate links is through Udemy. If you check my Udemy profile, you will see that I have over sixty thousand students and counting that access my free courses.

Creating a free course on Udemy (which I find is one of the best online course websites since it has a big marketplace) or similar platforms helps you gain a large audience, perfect for promoting your affiliate products.

Notice in the image above how I promote links to my products in the resources folder?

If you have a skill or can learn one, you can create a Udemy profile and create free courses (and maybe some paid courses) to attract clients and advertise affiliate products related to your teaching topic.

Fourth example: Using Social Media

A great way to promote affiliate links is through social media. You can use your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on to create content and promote your affiliate products as long as you follow each platform's best practices.

Note: you can use a Facebook page or group or other social media platforms such as LinkedIn or even Pinterest to promote YouTube videos and/or articles to get more traffic; that way, you can get more clicks to your affiliate products.

No matter what kind of strategy you choose to promote affiliate links, using social media to attract an audience is always a plus.

Last but not least, Email Marketing

The last example of promoting affiliate products is email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies, but done wrong, and it can lead to spamming

I often get questions like, “if I send bulk emails with affiliate links to lots of different people, is this spam?” The simple answer is yes.

Email marketing becomes spamming when someone promotes a product/service by sending them in bulk to (thousands or millions of) different people (that don't know who they are) and waits for clicks and commissions. 

The objective here is not to spam people but to build a safe business and promote affiliate products with email marketing. 

So how do you avoid spam while promoting affiliate links with email marketing?

How to promote products with email marketing

To avoid spam, you need to have your own email list that people subscribe to. Then, you can send emails promoting your content.

Promoting affiliate products with an email list

Step 1: Build your email list and collect subscribers.

Step 2: Promote whatever content you want to you followers.

Let's go over these steps briefly.

Step 1:

You can watch the video below to learn more about how to build an email list.

Take a look at my home page on H-educate, you will find an opt-in form that allows people to subscribe to my email list.

On my channel, I show a real case study on how I collected 10,000 emails for free. Watch the video below if you're interested in this case study.

Step 2:

Once you gather a following, you can start sending emails to your followers!

But in order to keep them attracted to your content, Make sure you are always sending high-quality content.

For example, send newsletters about new posts on your blog so you can promote your content with email marketing, which can get you more traffic to your website and get more traffic to your affiliate links!

So if you want to properly utilize email marketing, you have to build your email list and send emails promoting your content and not the affiliate product.

You can watch my email marketing mastery course playlist catered to beginners to learn more about email marketing and collecting emails.

Promoting your email list

If you are thinking big, you can use ads to promote your email list. I will use Facebook ads as an example.

Go to Facebook ads manager and create the ad.

While creating an ad, you can choose “lead generation” as the target; that way, you can promote a lead magnet to collect emails from Facebook using a paid campaign. 

A lead magnet is something marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact info.

A blog post, video and other content can all be used as lead magnets.

Once you attract subscribers, you can send weekly newsletters about your new videos, services, blog posts, etc… to get more traffic to your content and affiliate links. 


You now have 5 examples of how to start making money online with affiliate marketing!

As you can see, I combine these strategies to maximize traffic to all of my content, which contains affiliate links, and this is how I was able to make $508 passive income in one month from affiliate marketing alone.

Check out my ultimate guide for beginners in affiliate marketing if you want to build a strong foundation of knowledge about the topic before starting your business.

Last tip:

Did you know? You can get high traffic to your website in no time by using Quora! I'm talking thousands of visitors per day from Quora alone.

If you're interested, watch the video below.

That's it for the case study. Now you know what methods I used and can duplicate them to start earning money online with affiliate marketing.

To recap, to earn money with affiliate marketing, choose an affiliate product, create content, and get more traffic.

Good luck creating your business!

Be sure to share your results below. I would be very interested to hear about your experience. If you want to learn about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, online business, and more, check out my channel H-Educate or any of my socials.

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