SMTP Maintenance


Solve issues you face when installing Postal or Hmail Server.

Service is for one task only.


Did you create an SMTP using Postal or HMail Server and having some issues?

We are here to help.

This service solves the most common problems that you might face.

-Low Score when using
-Wrong DNS Configuration.
-Set PTR record.
-Set DKIM and Dmarc Record.
-Hostname not set correctly.
-Mail application not connecting to your SMTP.
-Postal stops connecting.
-Mautic Stops connecting.
-SSL issuing.

This service solves 1 task of the above.

NOTE: The service does not solve the issue of the emails landing in SPAM. We do not do SMTP warm-up in this task.

If you have a different problem, please feel free to send us a message
to to check the issue before you order the service.

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