Build SMTP mail server with Microsoft Azure ?

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Hasan asked 2 years ago

Hello Sir , I would like to know how to build SMTP mail server with Microsoft Azure ?

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Hasan.
If you are willing to build an SMTP server on Azure platform then We have multiple options:

  1. Creating windows virtual machine and install SMTP on it, we have 2 options also:
    1. Local SMTP (in IIS)
    2. hmail server software.

You can check my course to learn about that:
Email Marketing: Build your own SMTP Windows mail server
In this course, I showed How you can install and configure SMTP server on windows in both Amazon and GoDaddy VPS services.
In Azure the concept is somehow different, they will not allow you to send email to external domains from inside Azure (this includes email servers and applications that send email as part of the service they provide).
So for that, you have to use external SMTP relay to succeed in your mail server like sendgrid or google SMTP server.
2. Creating Linux ubuntu and use mailinabox or other webmail applications.
but also you will face the same problem here.
3. Use Sendgrid application in Azure which gives you 25000 mail/month for free which it is a very good plan to start with and will not have to configure anything, you can use their API in your applications if you are a developer and use their interface also to send emails.
For more info read this document.
If you need any help please reply and I will do my best to find a solution to any problem.
and I will be happy to do so.