Building an SMTP Server – Major Problem

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Ahmedyar Janjua asked 1 week ago

Hi  Hassan,
I have been watching your videos on YouTube on how to build an SMTP server, and they have been very helpful indeed! Though i have hit a very big snag.
In your video “install WebMin on your VPS Machine”, i went on this website which you directed, “https://www.virtualmin.com/download.html” and followed your instructions. After pasting “sudo /bin/sh install.sh” in the putty window, the machine was giving this error, and im pasting it here:
[ERROR] Memory is below 1024 MB. A full installation may not be possible.
  Your system has less than 1024 MB of available memory and swap.
  Installation is likely to fail, especially on Debian/Ubuntu systems (apt-get
  grows very large when installing large lists of packages). You could exit
  and re-install with the –minimal flag to install a more compact selection
  of packages, or we can try to create a swap file for you. To create a swap
  file, you’ll need 263MB free disk space, in addition to 200-300MB
  of free space for package installation.
I’ve changed two CPUs in trying to get a faster machine. Right now im using a 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard drive almost completely free.
I dont know how to proceed from this point forth. Can you please help me through this.
Thank you,