Can’t access POWERMTA Web monitor

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Shubham asked 6 months ago

I configured my power mta as you described. Everything went well except the web monitor. I can’t access it. I tried changing ports. Gave access to my browser systrm IP admin access but still nothing helped. I am using PowerMTA given by you. Please guide. 

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 6 months ago

HI friend, Are you working with AWS or Didigtal Ocean?
Is it POwerMTA under windows or POwerMTA under Centos?
It probably firewall problem, you need to open the port in the firewall or turn of the firewall. and restart the powermta monitor service. replied 6 months ago

thank You very much for help. problem solved.

Hassan Aboul Hassan replied 6 months ago

Problem Solved, It’s the Iptables Firewall, just turn it off or allow the port and it worked. replied 6 months ago

YES. MESSAGED you on your facebook page. please check.

Hassan Aboul Hassan replied 6 months ago

can you please send me your Server IP and Root password to my facebook page privately. replied 6 months ago

centos7. how to check whether they blocked port or not.

i tried port 8888 8080 1983 but no help.

used this to see whether service is running or not – sudo netstat -tunlp | grep 1983

got result – tcp 0 0* LISTEN 8332/pmtahttpd

config file – http-mgmt-port 1983
http-access admin
http-access 0/0 monitor

Hassan Aboul Hassan replied 6 months ago

Centos or Windows? can you ask them if they are blocking any ports? replied 6 months ago

i disabled firewalld. restarted pmta and pmtahttpd service. but still no change
i am using contabo VPS.