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KIng Osoris asked 1 year ago

     My primary Domain Controller 2012 on Virtual Machine (Vmware Esxi 4.1) timing is 8 minutes more ,, my questions?
1- How to change Time to be correct with actual time ?
2- It will effect on any if i change time as i have Exchange 2016 , Oracle ERP , SQL ….etc application?
3- How to sync new time with the additional Domain controller ?
Please clear it to me and guide me with steps , iam afraid to change then suddenly will effect any ?

1 Answers
Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi friend.
I think your problem is related to the Esx time.
Login to Esx through VMware client, go to time configuration and your fix your clock, then your VMs will get the correct time from Esx.
Or if you have a time server you can sync your Esx time with it.
Please reply back to know if your problem is solved