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Tony asked 10 months ago

Thank you for the course – I learned a lot about setting up an email server attached to a domain for personal use. I was wondering if you also teach a course for setting up an email server attached to a domain for commercial use and/or if you know how I can sign up for such a course. I currently have a website hosted by Godaddy but the traffic on the site is pretty low. I would like to increase traffic by offering a free email account to my site visitors but I don’t know how to set this up.
The other question I have is Godaddy automatically signed me up with a cPanel account, however, there is no way to access the account using port 2083 or 2087, and, within my cPanel account, there is no option for “Manage Auto SSL.” There is a SSL/TLS link which allows me to generate an SSL certificate and upload it to my account but there is a
warning about the certificate being “self-signed” meaning that it will show up in the browser as “not trusted.” I talked with Godaddy about this and they told me that I have the option to buy an externally signed SSL certificate for $75/year from them. Also I went to the Let’s Encrypt web site and learned that I can download a free externally signed  SSL certificate that is only good for 90 days. Do you have any idea how I can get a free SSL certificate that would be good indefinitely?
Thank you in advance for your response.

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 10 months ago

HI friend, Thank you for contacting,
Firstly, if you want to offer free email, you need to take care of sending limits because a lot of users will be spammers.
sorry now, I don’t know a course about creating business email company where you can provide emails for clients.
This is done using a web hosting business management software like WHMCS.
if you want to make thinks manually, you can simply give your users an email from inside Webmin and give them the user name and password.
Godaddy is a managed web hosting, so you can access only what they offer you, contact them and ask if you have access to Cpanel.
about SSL, yes, because they want you to buy a certificate and not get a free one,
Next week I will release by web hosting course and show how to build your own hosting environment very easily without the need of any hosting company. so you have full access and manageability with lower prices.
Please reply back if you need any more help.