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Hassan Aboul Hassan asked 9 months ago

Dear Hassan
Would you please help me regarding below topics. My Questions are regarding cpanel.
Question 1:
How do I create an email distribution group (mailing list) and deliver email using mailman in cpanel.
Question 2:
When/Where to use Email Routing Feature in cpanel ?

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 9 months ago

Hi friend.
Mailing lists allow you to use a single address to send mail to multiple email addresses. 
You have to enable Mailman in WHM before you can use, check if enabled by logging in to your WHM server > Tweak settings > Mail > and check if Mailman is enabled.
if you are using a managed Cpanel then contact your hosting provider.
When it’s enabled, go to your cpanel account, click on Mailing Lists in Email Section.
and just create a new Mailing List.
then after you create > click on manage list in the lists table.

and you will have the following page:

Then Click on membership management >  subscription, and you can add or import emails to this list by inviting or subscribing these emails.
and Now when you click on membership list you find your emails in the list:

Sending an email to the list:
Now if you want to send an email, just send it to the email list address (list name)
and then you have to moderate it by clicking on the
“Tend to pending moderator requests” link in the mailman interface:

And That’s It!
You can find more help here:
Email Routing:
If you want to route your emails to another mail exchanger (MX) Server then you can use Email routing for this:
Setting as a backup will keep your emails in the server and send them to MX  server will present to send the emails to. (you have to set in the DNS)
Remote will always send the emails to that MX  server that you set in your DNS. will not save your emails.
You can find the Email Routing section in the Mail section in cpanel: