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Jay asked 2 years ago

Hello All,

Please I need a walk through on how I can create a Data Load Test using Visual Studio. I was able to connect to SQL Server using my server name and select the database needed inside Visual. But get stock on how to perform Data Load Test. I tried google, all I could found was Create Web Performance Test on Visual Studio.

Any Help will be appreciate

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Jay.
I want to know from you what type of application you are developing
Is a web application, Mobile, or desktop ? in which language?
and what exactly you want to test? 
what is the tope of data saved? files? blobs?text records ? or what?
Have you checked Unit tests in visual studio? please send me more info so I can help.
Check this guide from Microsoft 
you can test your web app locally, no need for the cloud.