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Jeff Lasnitzki asked 2 years ago

My program is digitally signed by a Certified Authority (Commando).

However, I am loosing many potential users due to the SmartScreen and obscure run anyway button.

I understand and appreciate that I need to earn a reputation – a bit tough when Microsoft is warning potential users not to install the program. I have tried to speed up the process by applying for a Windows logo and certification (WACK), only to discover after many hours that this is no longer available.

I have since discovered Desktop Bridge and am aiming to have my app listed in the Windows Store and derive the user benefit of hassle-free installations. Can I use this technology to host the installation program on my website (in addition to the Windows Store) and if so will my Store certification be recognized by SmartScreen.
Thanks for your help.

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Jeff.
if I got your point. Do you want to publish your application to the Microsoft store so you can pass the screen filtering problem which is causing potential user loss?
when your application is accepted by Microsoft and listed in the store, you will fix the problem.
 You can link your website to the link in the app store for your users to download.
But what type of application you have? do you have a link so I can check it up?
maybe then I can help you more?