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Karen Mlynarski asked 3 months ago

Good day Mr Hassan,
I downloaded your email Validator but anytime I try to upload contacts email to validate. All the emails address always come Invalid including my own personal email address. Is there any problem somewhere to rectify? Do i need to add any script to the software?

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 3 months ago

I mentioned in the video, that port 25 may be blocked on your network so you need to use a VPS server as I showed in the video.

Hassan Aboul Hassan replied 3 months ago

you can filter using Microsoft excel, I will fix this in the upcoming versions

Steve Rueb replied 3 months ago

Hi Mr Hassan,
Thanks for the reply God bless you. …I got it working on my vps server.
But one thing remain…. I click save into a csv file and when I try to open the csv file, It comes with both valid and invalid email. Is there anything to do to separate valid emails from invalid one?