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Osoris asked 1 year ago

I have Exchange Server 2016 3 virtual server with almost 300 mailbox
For this year I want to implement one of these solutions: backup or Archive .
My questions are :
1- which one important more to start with?
2- if I will go with backup then which one is best from your opinion: veeam or barracuda backup appliance? And why ?

3- if I will go with Archive then which better: to go with built in Archive solution in exchange or barracuda email archiving appliance ? And why ?

Thanks a lot

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

I will start with the second question.
In your situation, you can use both, I use Veeam for my backup plans with backup exec, all of these are powerful and differ in some features that are specific and used in special cases and plans.
Check this:
They are almost the same.
Now concerning your first question.
Archiving: is used to keep a long-term copy of your data for future reference, while a backup is used to copy your data and be able to restore at any time (daily, weekly, monthly)
SO what do you want an archive to keep in your archive! or backup to restore from?
Simply answer the question according to your situation and architecture. I don’t have information about your situation and your case.
Concerning the last question, If you want to archive, usually in my situation I like to centralize my work, so if I want to make backups and archives, I use one tool So I use my backup software for this job, but its ok you can archive using exchange if you want. it doesn’t matter a lot except in case you have something special in your network that I don’t know.
I think the Microsoft Exchange solution tends to be easier to use and configure at the user level but the Barracuda solution can be much much better for long-term storage and locating of emails.
Note: In exchange for online archiving you may lose some features, so check that before.
I hope I clarified my points. Please feel free to ask anything if there is something unclear.