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rohan asked 6 months ago


  1. i have downloaded your tool from youtube video Access token tool . But when i clicked on it doesnt open . i am using windows 7 with 32 bit . So do you have any tool for 32 bit system? i dont know how to modify that source code
  2. From other i downloaded script to get access token it worked but the problem is after 5 mins fb logout my account and i have to refresh the token thats the problem . What kind of error is this how fb can track me and log me out when i use access token??

Thank you for help and youtube videos !

1 Answers
Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 6 months ago

I will publish a new version of the tool soon which can run on any windows version. now I don’t have.
Facebook can track you yes, it’s their system! they may think you are misusing the system so they expire the token.