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Laszlo Csomor asked 1 year ago

I am building a WP website and I have some e-books which I would like to protect in a way that only paying customers could download them. I thought that I would place the download links on dedicated pages which can only be accessed by approved users. For the approval, I thought I would use the Ultimate Member plugin.
However, if I simply place a link to the file that link could be easily shared or posted anywhere so somehow I should “encrypt” the links or make them protected in some other way.
Can you suggest an easy solution for that?
Thanks in advance,

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi friend.
Thanks for joining our community.
If you want to achieve almost 100% protection for your books or files. don’t put the files (books) on an URL path which is clear like
So now one knowing the URL can download the file.
put your file in a place where you can generate dynamic expiring links to the file.
Like using short links (that points to the Book URL) and this URL is given to the user automatically after paying.
As an example, if you are using PayPal. the redirect URL after the customer pays will be to a page containing the generated link that can be used for 1 day as an example.
So in this way, you will ensure that no one can use the same link to download the book.
Because even if you put the book on a protected restricted area on your website. the link to the file can be used anytime to download the book by anyone.
You can restrict the file path using the .htaccess file, and create a custom function that checks if the user has the privilege and redirect according to his rights.
You can use premium membership on filesharing sites like dropbox that allows only premium members to download your file.
Check this plugin that maybe can manage this for you.
This from a conceptual view.
Now I need to know if you have programming skills or not, to know what type of answer I want to go in detail.
Waiting for your reply to go more in detail.