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Carmtt Theodros asked 6 months ago

Hi man, I hope all is well. I just happen to be scrolling  and saw your YouTube channel. You definitely have a lot of great information. 
I wanted to ask, how has your success rate with email marketing been? I have just got into it and have been trying to set up my own SMTP. I’ll be purchasing your course so that I can send unlimited emails. We have an email like that is over 500,000 and we would really like to monetize that but we have been debating over the best way to do it. Some of us believe that courses would be the best route, but what are your thoughts?

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 6 months ago

Hi friend. Thanks for contacting.
The success rate depends on several factors:
What type of service or products you are offering.

  • The mail list validity.
  • Accurate targeting.
  • Your message body
  • Your authenticity

and other factors…
But in general, Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques used. You can get very high income by promoting services only with email marketing.
Yes, courses, reading, and learning is the best way to achieve success, in the last 10 years, I watched over 1000 courses, thousands of youtube videos, webinars, read a lot of books. this is how I got some information and knowledge.
But as small advice, try always to have multiple strategies, don’t rely only on email marketing, because “IF” it wasn’t as expected, you will have always plan B.
Working Online is awesome, but at the same time, it needs some real hard work in its first stages, bit then it will be great.
If you need any other help, or if you have any detailed question, I will be glad to hear from you anytime.