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Osoris asked 2 years ago

     I want to know how can I make health check for DNS,  DHCP , active Directory to be sure every things working fine replication ok. Dns resolve ok, DHCP work properly ,
Sure there is some command or tools for that,  
So I can avoid any issue may happen suddenly, 
And every how many days need to make this health check 

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Osiris.
I just want to be sure that I understood your question.
You have replication of these services on two servers and you want to check that the replication is fine ? or you need to check each of these services that are working fine.
If the first case, I have two know how did you implement replication. so you can monitor it.
and in both cases, you have to monitor each service alone.
We have 2 things two monitors: performance and availability.
You have to check that the service is available and working and also you have to know its performance (how much resources are consumed by each so to avoid bottlenecks )
For availability simply the server manager will show you if any service has any problem.
also, you can use a PowerShell script to monitor these services and fire something like sending an email if the service stopped. or even you can use the task scheduler with a batch file for that.
Or you can use 3rp party software like solar wind, ManageEngine, or quest.
for monitoring, if you don’t want to afford any software, then use the build in Performance monitor to monitor counters related to these services so you have a deep view on how these services are working on your server.
let me know if you need more help.