How to create facebook test user in c# with Facebook API?

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Tomer A asked 1 year ago

I would like to automate creation of test user in my facebook app with c# Facebook API.
Which class/method I need to use in Facebook API that can help me to create new test user in my facebook app, get information about the user and finally delete it from my app?

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Friend.
If you watched the course, you will know that each time you want to access an object on Facebook, You do that using the Facebook API calls (GET, DELETE, POST)
So if want to post an image to our facebook page as an example:

//This is done by the facebook C# SDK & we pass thetoken as a parameter
//please review the course if you don't know how to get the token.
//Course link lecture 2-section 2

// declare facebook client FacebookClient fbclient = new FacebookClient(YourToken);

//Message you want to post
string posttext = "me/feed?message=" + content;

//call the API by a POST command to post the message to your profile
fbclient.Post(posttext, null);

Ok, You can see that we accessed our profile feed by using the API edge “me/feed” and we pass parameters by using 
“?message=your Message”
Now in the same way to work with your app and get and post info related to the apps.
// declare facebook client but be sure to pass the app token and not your token.
FacebookClient fbclient = new FacebookClient(AppToken);
now to get the app info:
use the edge “/app”
to get the test users:
use the edge 
and here is a link from the facebook API page:
check it out.
I hope this helps you to continue