How to host a website in a private network so other devices can pull up the website?

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Ryan asked 6 months ago

I followed your “Learn Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes” video and I created a website. I was wonder what the next steps are to making it so the host name can be entered on different devices (in my private network) to pull up my website.
I watched a different video here where I was able to open a port in my firewall and pull up my website via IP address and port number on different devices, however I wanted to be able to do the same thing by entering a domain name instead of an IP address. Can that be done through Windows 10 Pro and IIS?
Thanks for the information! Your videos are very useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 6 months ago

Hi friend.
Yes, You can.
When you create a website locally with IIS, we edit the host file and point our custom domain to the server local address. and in the binding, we use our custom domain normally, so the website will work normally.
Now if you want to access this website from your network, the idea is the same, in each PC you need to edit the host file, but now you need to point your custom domain to the IP of the PC running IIS. so when you access the website using the domain it will go to that PC on your network and get the website.
Of course, this operation is not a best practice, we usually deploy a DNS on our private network and our custom domain will be pointed centrally through the DNS.
But in your case, you can’t do this because you are running windows 10. and I think its a lab.
please let me know if you need more help.