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Med asked 3 months ago

Hello Hassan,
First I’d like to thank you about sharing a such great content on your youtube channel in which I’m already subscribed.
For more than 2 years I’ve been struggling with mailing my opt-in email lists.
I tested many ESP’s such as Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Gsuite and many SMTP’s such as Amazon SES
and unfortunately their monthly prices were very high and they had a strict policy as well.
To save money I hired an email marketing expert to set up my own email server that ran Mailwizz + PowerMTA and IP
rotation, so after doing warm up properly the majority of the emails went to the spam folder even getting 10/10 as a
sending score, setting up SPF DKIM AND DMARC correctly and mailing a clean email list from invalid emails and spam
traps. I used to send only informative articles that didn’t contain email SPAM trigger words at all.
After that I found out that email deliverability depends on other factors such as an engaged email list.
To summarize I need to set up an efficient custom solution in order to send 50k of emails daily, get high rate of inbox and
maintain a high deliverability rate in a specific ISP whether the quality and the engagement of the email list.
Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 3 months ago

HI, what you are doing is called spamming.
yes sure the engagement rate is a very important factor to determine your spam score on the internet.
You need to send to targeted emails and its better if you build email lists properly on your websites using double optin forms.
I can’t help in your scenario if you anna spam. I build a server for legal email marketing only.
thanks in advance

Med 9 replied 3 months ago

Thanks for clarification. My website doesn’t exist anymore for more than year but I still have my opt-in email lists and I want to monetize them.
When I said “strict policy” I meant ESP’s don’t like affiliate marketing and can shutdown account any time.
By the way last year Mailchimp banned my account.
I already tried Amazon SES but their cost is pretty high for me.So I’m looking for a cheap solution.

Hassan Aboul Hassan replied 3 months ago

Friend, sorry, But when you said “strict policy” this points as you are not collecting emails properly.
SES allows you to send 50K for only 5$, which means 150$ per month. It’s not that big deal if you have such a big email list. if you have a 1% conversion rate only, you will make a lot more than your email marketing fees!
The income of such marketing must be at least 10X this number except if your strategy is planned incorrectly.
can I see your website and what you wanna market, so I can help you in your plan if you want?

Med Fd replied 3 months ago

I’m not doing spam at all. All my emails lists are targeted by vertical, double opt-in and collected through my website.
Anyway thanks for your response.