I’ve Encountered 2 Issues (Roundcube & Amazon SES)

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Hakim asked 2 months ago

Hi Hasan,
Thank you for teaching us all the valuable information via your Academy and YouTube.
Recently, ive been following your tutorials from creating my own servers, hosting Mailwizz on it and how to connect Mailwizz to Amazon SES. I’ve finished building everything up and the issues that i encountered was
1) in Roundtube i am able to receive emails but when i try to compose an email and send it to my other email, it was sent but i didnt received it on the other end. It wasn’t in the spam/junk folder either. Though in Amazon SES it stated 2 emails were sent, in the statistic.
2) in Mailwizz, after i create a test template for my campaign and tried the Test Template, i received this error [ (Error executing “SendRawEmail” on “https://email.us-east-1.amazonaws.com”; AWS HTTP error: Client error: `POST ` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response: Sender ] 
Hope you can assist me on this. I’ve searched high and low on the internet about the issues but couldnt find any solutions. Thank you for your time, and continue your great work in helping out others.

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 2 weeks ago

Please contact me on my facebook page and send me more details so I can help you more and chat with you,
here is my page chat url: http://h-y.me/software-fb-chat