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Robert (Bob) Thompson asked 7 months ago

I just purchased your Udemy course on how to setup an email server and started watching it and jumping around.  It would appear that the three ways you show on how to to setup an email server all involve the use of commercial cloud based services such as Digital Ocean, AWS, etc. I have no problems with this (from what I saw via a quick jumping around, the AWS way was free of all cost potentially?).
What about the idea of setting up one’s own Linux server at home and running an email server without the use of the aforementioned digital cloud providers? Of course that would mean getting a static IP address (or the possible use of a work around whereby you pay a firm a smaller fee to provide a pseudo type of static IP address functionality since my ISP charges too much $$$ per month for a true static IP address).
I would guess one could setup their own VM Ubuntu Linux email / web server in the above way and bypass all of the commercial cloud ways, but of course there are drawbacks to this idea, e.g., if your Internet connection goes down, your website / email server goes down too. There is also the cost of the hardware and the electricity to power that hardware, etc. One of course can setup such web / email servers using hypervisor software such as VirtualBox, Hyper-V or VMWare, etc. (if one wants to go VM mode).
I would love to hear your thoughts on the above idea.  I’m currently studying for my CCNA but plan on moving over to Phyton programming for I see the Cisco command line going away in the not too distant future due to Cisco’s ACI and other software defined networking (SDN) type of newer ideas coming into far more use in the future, (and those whom don’t have skills in the latter areas insofar as networking will be left behind).
Looking forward to hearing back from you concerning the above matters.  Thank you in advance for creating this great and highly unique course.
Best regards,

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 7 months ago

Hi  friend. Thanks for contacting. 
Yes you can build your server locally but as you mentioned you need a public static IP. Also u need a domain name.
Ip is a very important factor since your server reputation will be scored according to your IP. 
Aws is not totally free. The idea is when you signup you get 1 year to access free tier resources and not everything.
My recommendation is to go with digital ocean and with the first method to build the server.You can get the free 100$ coupon to test with if you want. Its there in the course. 
Please let me know if you need any help.