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mohamed asked 6 months ago

first thank you for all you give to your audience really no word can give you your right in this 
I have question and  problem I hope I find any answer for this problem
if I want to make server with 20 to 30 ip or even more than this how I can make warmup for all of these ips I think manual warmup by sending daily and gradually 50 – 100 – 200 etc  and open it will be very hard to do is there any fast way or service that can make this process fast and auto 

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 6 months ago

Hi friend, You don’t need to open each email. you need to warm up only by sending emails gradually.
sending to emails and opening helps in warming up, but its not the major process.
There are reporting applications that automates, but I dont work with it. I warm up my servers manually.