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jay asked 1 year ago

I am using Window 10, since I don’t have access to server manager, i downloaded VirtualBox and trying to configure windows server 2012 r2 on it. Can anyone assist me on how  I can install it on virtual box or do I have to install VM ware to do it.
Also I need a link on  Windows server 2012 R2 download
Thank you.

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Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 1 year ago

Hi Jay.
The first thing you have to know that you can install a virtual machine on windows 10 without any software like virtual box, Windows 10 has built-in Hyper-v virtualization system, you enable by going to control panel, turn on /off windows features, and turn on Hyper-v feature.
This is the first point, secondly, make sure that you enabled virtualization on your bios setup.
for your problem as I see you are booting to the interactive shell.
Just try to create an empty VM without attaching windows iso file, and if it boots to the same shell then the problem is not from your ios file.
This is a bootloader problem.
If you want to go deep in troubleshooting Please provide the VM log file by:
right-click on the VM in the VirtualBox Manager and select “Show Log”. zip and send to me on support@h-educate.com to check it for you.
Or you can simply remove the virtual box software and use the built-in hyper-v and continue your work normally.
Or try this fix:
Run the following commands:


2.cd EFI\{osname}
where {osname} is the name of the directory
where your OS installed its boot loader.


I am waiting here for your reply, please tell me what happens to you.
And by the way, you can just log in and reply directly here without opening another question.
thank you for contacting.