Webmin installation on ubuntu 16.04

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Martin asked 7 months ago

Hi Hassan,
I am one of student who purchased your course on Udemy. I’ve got this error (see in attachment) while I am on the webmin setup page for the first time. I choose 2GB memory/1CPU at $10 in digitalocean. and followed your steps exactly as you shown on your course. Can you help to solve this issue and why I am getting it?
Note: My installation was a fresh installation of a new droplet on digitalocean. I tried  a new droplet and start again but I’ve got the same error.
Thank you

2 Answers
Hassan Aboul Hassan answered 7 months ago

Hi friend, sorry for being late.
Its simple friend, this is the antivirus which is not needed, just uncheck and continue.
If you want, send me your server IP and root password to my facebook page and I will check the server for you and make sure everything is fine.

avbos@hotmail.com answered 7 months ago

Thank you. I resolve it by clicking a couple of times on PRE & NEXT button.